Dec. 29 2009-Jan. 1 2010

Here we continue on Old US 61 south into Vicksburg, MS. Incidentally, the lion's share of this part is comprised of ol' VapoRubville.

Taking the old route through Vicksburg paid off. This is continuing on Old US 61. At some point, this road briefly parallels the Yazoo River. That stretch of the Yazoo was once part of the Mississippi River before it changed its course. Eventually, this road becomes (eeeee) Washington Street.

Old US 61 is also paralleled by a rail line, which you can see on the right.

Those utility poles on the left side of Old US 61 are believed to be a distant cousin of that Duckman signal that used to be on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Continuing on Old US 61 near 1st Street or Levee Street.

Old US 61's Washington Street at Levee Street near downtown Vicksburg. Almost every street in town seemed steep enough to bip from.

Panning to the left, another view of Vicksburg's time-honored skyline.

The brick-paved Washington Street, at China Street.

Looking down Clay Street from Washington. This runs down to the Yazoo River. Behind the Yazoo is an isolated slab of Louisiana, more water, more Louisiana land, Centennial Lake (barely visible), and a floodplain in Mississippi.

On Washington Street still, crossing the elder Bush's favorite thoroughfare: Veto Street.

G! Lee! Here we're detoured onto Lee Street to avoid a dead bridge. The Google Street View photo - which is probably from 2007 - also shows the road ahead blocked, so the city's really taking its time fixing the bridge.

Probably southeast on Lee.

The detour takes us here. Here we're getting off Confederate Avenue and onto Frontage Road, which one map labels as Old US 80.

West on Frontage Road, going over the rail line.

A view of the Old Vicksburg Bridge, which runs over the Mighty Mrs. Pepsi. It opened in 1930 and carried US 80 until 1998. The bridge still carries rail traffic, but now the only road access is for inspectors. Behind the Old Vicksburg Bridge is...the new Vicksburg Bridge, carrying I-20.

Now we're getting on the I-20 span, which also now carries US 80. This bridge opened in 1973 and it's 2.5 miles long.

A motion picture show of I-20's Vicksburg Bridge. In this clip, we look right to see the Old Vicksburg Bridge. Here we cross into Louisiana.

South on US 165 at Columbia, LA - where it crosses the Ouachita River.

This dirt road near Tullos, LA, was marked as Old US 84. Must be the very old US 84!

This mercilessly narrow bridge carries US 71/165 across the Red River on the north side of Alexandria, LA. (This is a different Red River from the one we crossed in Tennessee.) Since this route is effectively a bypass, how did it end up on an old, narrow bridge like this?

Looking north from the US 71/165 bridge towards a rail span.

Yay! Rain! That's why this was the best I could do for a photo of Alexandria's skyline. This is from I-49 (one of the later additions to the Interstate highway system).

If I had to guess what this is, I'd say it's west on LA 10, west of Oakdale.

Sorry about the resolution of this still shot, but remember, the story of the day was RAIN!!! Lots of it! This is in DeRidder, LA, going west on US 171/190 as it crosses Washington Street. US 171/190 west runs on Mahlon Street, and we're near the point where it becomes Shirley Street. An OMB press release from 2009 suggests that DeRidder had just been renamed from De Ridder (closing the space in the town name).

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