Dec. 29 2009-Jan. 1 2010

Why not start off this part with another shot of the Gulf of Mexico beach along LA 82? Peep that weird mound.

Why not continue this part with this view of LA 82? Notice that many houses down here are built on stilts.

This is probably the Creole Nature Trail after it bips north on LA 27.

Like the school and gas station some 25 miles back, this bridge off LA 27 appears to have been decimated by the hurricane.

A higher form of drawbridge? This is on LA 27 just north of Hackberry.

Further still on LA 27, this bridge goes over the much-ballyhooed Intracoastal Waterway.

The Intracoastal Waterway span gains a tall framework here.

LA 27 continues near DeQuincy.

The return to DeRidder! LA 27 ends as we pick up US 171 - crossing the path we blazed the previous evening.

US 171 north in Leesville, LA, uses one-way 5th Street. The rail overpass up ahead was unusual for this trip.

If you don't think this is amazing, there's something wrong with your bip bone. LA 175 serves as part of a shortcut from the town of Many up to I-49.

I've figured this to be LA 177, which completes the shortcut. The terrain gets ever so slightly hillier through here. The Ozark foothills supposedly don't make it to Louisiana, but I wonder.

The Asseff Road exit off I-49. (Hey Beavis, you said Asseff!)

North on I-49 into Shreveport, approaching the exit to LA 526 - the Bert Kouns Industrial Loop. I have no idea who Bert Kouns is. I just thought another Sesame Street reference would be kind of sharp.

Looking back at the tangle of ramps that defines the exit to LA 3132, a freeway bypass on the southwest of Shreveport.

Is that a water tower? Or is that a hamburger? This is still north on I-49. As a later Interstate, construction of I-49 didn't begin until the early 1980s.

The hamburger gets closer!

It's...a hamburger!!!!!

I-49 ends at I-20 in Shreveport. Future plans call for a northward extension of I-49 to Kansas City - which would absorb I-540 in Arkansas. I don't expect I-49 to be extended that far in my lifetime, however.

Shreveport!!! Hometown of Terry Bradshaw! (Jimmy Johnson - football coach and Fox sports analyst - is from Port Arthur, TX, where I was earlier in the day, but I was unable to photograph the road named for him.) The gray sky gave Shreveport kind of a gloom-and-doom look, so you'd almost think this photo was of Cincinnati.

Getting onto I-20 east near downtown Shreveport.

A great photo of the ol' Shreve! Shreveport is the 3rd-largest city in Louisiana. The 25-story skyscraper on the right is Regions Tower. The tallest building in Shreveport, it was built in 1986 and has changed names repeatedly.

An even better view of Regions Tower. This is going northwest on one-way Spring Street (US 71/LA 1).

Shreveport has an entertainment district along the Red River. One of the most visible businesses there is Larry Flynt's Hustler Club. I haven't found any articles describing any surrounding controversy, however. (Usually, anything with Flynt's name on it seems to be targeted by the "morality" guardians - at least in Cincinnati.)

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