Dec. 29 2009-Jan. 1 2010

The final part of this 7-part set of Mid-South photos begins here on AR 22. Here we cross Lake Dardanelle. I'm guessing this is the crossing near New Blaine, AR.

This must be Arkansas Nuclear One, a nuclear power plant along Lake Dardanelle. Monty Burns would love this!

This has got to be AR 22 as it crosses Lake Dardanelle again.

Looking out over the lake.

Crossing the Arkansas River on AR 7 to Russellville.

This illustrates again the length of US 67 - which I also encountered on my eastern Missouri trip. Yes, it's 305 miles to St. Louis from here in Arkansas. This is along a freeway portion of US 67 that runs for miles northeast from Little Rock. (This was after I tore my rotator cuff by slipping on ice in a restaurant parking lot.)

AR 367 near Possum Grape. This is significant for being US 67 before the freeway was built.

Crossing the White River on AR 14/367 into Newport, AR.

Continuing haphazardly through Newport on 3rd Street.

I don't know what street this is, but this was definitely as we wound through Newport.

What fact-finding mish would be complete without Missouri? One that doesn't involve Missouri, that's what. Anyhow, this is entering Missouri by crossing the St. Francis River on US 412 - a route that gives many Roads Scholars a case of the bunks because it doesn't fit the U.S. route numbering scheme.

US 412 around Kennett, MO. Before anyone asks, the Wal-Mart up ahead is indeed the one that tried having a young woman thrown in prison for 15 years all because she allegedly cut ahead in the checkout lane.

Once again, meet I-155 - a spur off I-55 to Dyersburg, TN (one of the smallest cities to get its own Interstate). All of I-155 is also part of US 412. I-155, which was completed around 1980, is part of what was once planned as I-24W (even though it wouldn't have touched I-24), which would have run southeast to Jackson, TN. In this photo, we're on I-155 in Missouri. Note the narrow median barrier.

A view of the Mississippi River floodplain from I-155.

I may have a photo of this scene from my 2007 Mid-South trip. But one can never get enough of the Caruthersville Bridge - the 1976 span that carries I-155 over the Mississippi River.

Continuing on the Caruthersville Bridge. The bridge is listed as being 7,102 feet in length - well over a mile.

The Tennessee state line on the Caruthersville Bridge.

At the end of the bridge is this fancier welcome sign. Tennesseein' really is Tennebelievin', isn't it?

I-155 curves here just after entering Tennessee.

Restoring the guesswork to Roads Scholaring, this is probably east on TN 79, south of Ridgely, TN. Contrary to popular belief, Ridgely was not named after Andrew Ridgeley of Wham! Or maybe it was. Or maybe it wasn't.

In keeping with my guessing game, this could be east on Beaver Arm Road just south of Ridgely.

To quote the J. Geils Band: "Freeze frame! (Wokka wokka!) Freeze frame! (Wokka wokka!)" Nearing the end of this 4-day fact-finding mission, I couldn't resist getting some nighttime crimps on I-65 northbound near downtown Louisville. In this crimp, you can see a BYS warning about a sharp curve and leaning trucks.

Another I-65 crimp, with downtown Louisville on the left.

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