Aug. 15-17 2013

We left off in Chicago, and this is a good view of the city from I-90/94. And before anyone asks, I didn't have time to look for the pawn shop from Hardcore Pawn: Chicago.

I-90/94 becomes the John F. Kennedy Expressway, which continues along I-90 and 190 to the airport.

Here's this tunnel on I-90/94 in Chicago.

North on I-94, this is the service oasis that goes over the road in Lake Forest, Ill.

Finally, Wisconsin! This is the ramp from I-94 to WI 20 in Mount Pleasant. What's interesting is that this appears to have been a regular section line road before being converted into a ramp.

North on I-94/US 41 in Milwaukee, as we approach I-43 and the I-894 bypass.

The ramp from I-94 to I-43/894 westbound goes through this tunnel! Whee!

The tunnel had actually been built very recently.

The ramp from the US 45 freeway to Watertown Plank Road in Wauwatosa. US 45 here is known as Zoo Freeway because of its proximity to the Milwaukee County Zoo - one of the highlights of this trip.

A rare road photo from within the zoo. I think this is an extension of South 100th Street that forms a little tunnel under I-94. It appears as if the street is just an access road for zoo maintenance. The roadway appears to have a track on it that links the zoo's little train ride to a maintenance shed.

West on US 18 (Bluemound Road) near the zoo.

I have no idea where this is - other than that it's in Wauwatosa.

East on US 18 on the west side of Milwaukee. This is Scott Walker's least favorite block in town: Up ahead is the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO building, and many of the other buildings here are also labor-related.

US 18 at Hawley Road. This is where the skyline of Milwaukee comes into view.

Southwest on Story Parkway. In the background you can see the Brewers stadium winking into view.

Some freeways near the stadium. This is about where I-94 meets the freeway that is alternately US 41 and WI 341.

A great view of the Brewers stadium. It appears as if this is from across I-94 (represented by the line of traffic). The ballpark opened in 2001 to replace the now-defunct Milwaukee County Stadium. It has a dome that can open and close pursuant to weather. It's a fine stadium, but it was built using a sales tax increase. Of course.

South on Yount Drive. It goes under a walkway for the stadium parking lot, and behind that, it goes under I-94.

Yount Drive under I-94.

The Brewers ballpark! Home of the Eddie Money look-alike!

I'm not sure what road this is. I guess it could be part of WI 100, which was designed as a surface road bypass around Milwaukee - just like what IN 100 was intended to do in Indianapolis - but I'm not even sure if that's what this is. In any event, WI 100 was actually built to parallel a rail beltway around the city.

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