Aug. 15-17 2013

A rural area north of Milwaukee.

Madison Avenue in Cedarburg, Wis.

Washington Avenue in Cedarburg. Cedarburg is known for its historic buildings.

Washington Avenue again! Eeeee!

Columbia Road at Washington.

Finally, downtown Milwaukee! This is the ramp from southbound I-43 to I-794. The tallest building in all of Wisconsin is the U.S. Bank Center, at the center of the photo. It was completed in 1973.

I-794 with the U.S. Bank Center at left. I-794 is less than 4 miles long, but it's an important spur from the big Interstate junction downtown to the Port of Milwaukee. All of I-794 is elevated. In the 1990s, the mayor planned to demolish much of I-794 because it cut off the Historic Third Ward neighborhood, but nothing came of that plan.

North on Lincoln Memorial Drive at Michigan Street. US 18 uses Michigan Street and ends here.

Continuing on Lincoln Memorial Drive. The parkway goes under a walkway right here and Mason Street up ahead.

Lincoln Memorial Drive again.

A good view of downtown from Veterans Park.

This view from Veterans Park features the Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge, a span on I-794 over the Milwaukee River. Hoan was a longtime Milwaukee mayor and member of the Socialist Party. Bridge construction was completed in 1972, but it didn't open until 1977 because of the unpopularity of freeways at the time. The body of water in the foreground is Milwaukee Bay, part of Lake Michigan.

A view of Lake Michigan at Veterans Park. This would probably be looking south. The land on the right would probably be on the south side of Milwaukee.

Lake Michigan, with the Hoan Bridge, I-794, and Milwaukee's south side. This is not Homer Simpson's "land the law forgot", as the lake is surrounded by American land. There is a ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon, Mich., but it's cost-prohibitive to use.

Looking from Lincoln Memorial Drive onto Michigan Street - as US 18 commences.

Looking up US 18's Michigan Street. The road goes under a walkway.

West on Clybourn Street. A ramp from Lincoln Memorial Drive to I-794 is elevated on the left.

Clybourn at Jackson Street. I-794 is on the left.

Contrary to the Big Boy jingle parody, there is wa! This is Water Street. This part of town is Third Ward, a historic neighborhood full of beautiful old warehouses and the like. But many have been converted into shops and residences.

Water Street going over the Milwaukee River.

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