Aug. 15-17 2013

West on Pittsburgh Avenue in Milwaukee. WI 32 turns left onto 1st.

Reentering Third Ward as we cross the Milwaukee River on Water Street. You can see that central Milwaukee is very tightly packed. The building on the right has its own walkway that overhangs the river, and they seem to store boats under it.

Looking down the Milwaukee River from the Water Street bridge. The first bridge you see ahead is Young Street, and the higher bridge behind that has to be I-794.

Looking up from Water Street, the Milwaukee River angles to the right, and we look straight ahead up the Menomonee River. The bridge you see is for rail.

North on the Riverwalk along the Milwaukee River. The bridge with the yellow van is St. Paul Avenue. (Why is it that every time St. Paul is mentioned, I start thinking of that "Stranger To Love" song that Q-102 was obsessed with?) The higher bridge behind it is I-794. The tallest building in this photo is 100 East Wisconsin, built in 1989. The building in front of that is Chase Tower, built in 1961.

Looking west from the Riverwalk. I-794 is on the left; Clybourn Street is on the right. Why does Clybourn have the spiral staircase going down to the river? (Remember how Cline Middle School had a spiral staircase that we weren't allowed to go anywhere near?)

The Riverwalk under Clybourn. Notice there's a ramp at right coming down from Clybourn. The first bridge ahead is Michigan Street. The higher bridge behind it is a walkway connecting Chase Tower with another building across the river. See, Milwaukee does have some elaborate infrastructure after all.

A view of Michigan Street from the Riverwalk. You can also see the other side of the Riverwalk across the river. It looks like the Riverwalk might have a couple levels there, with one of them going under Michigan Street.

The Riverwalk goes through what looks like an outdoor seating area for a restaurant. The walkway over the river connecting the buildings is prominent here. The bridge behind that is Wisconsin Avenue. Behind that and higher up is another walkway linking buildings over the river. The tall building in the background is Milwaukee Center, built in 1988.

The Riverwalk squeezes through on the right. This photo features the second walkway between buildings mentioned in the previous photo. The next bridge behind it is Wells Street, which carries US 18 east.

The Riverwalk, with the Wells Street bridge coming up. Notice that one of the columns for that bridge has one of those stairways going right into the river.

Looking back at the Wisconsin Avenue bridge and the other structures over the river.

"Aaaaayyy!" It's the Fonz! People come from all over the world to see this statue on the Riverwalk south of Wells Street. This statue - known as the Bronze Fonz - was erected in 2008. Henry Winkler, who played Fonzie on Happy Days, called the statue "unbelievable." However, a local art gallery owner permanently closed his gallery to protest the statue.

Break out the Pepsimilk! East on Wells, the tall building here is Milwaukee City Hall, which was completed in 1895 and was once the tallest building! This is the building that appeared in the opening theme of Laverne & Shirley.

The next bridge is Kilbourn Avenue. Notice how the other side of the Riverwalk is actually over the river.

A row of buildings across the river between Wells and Kilbourn. I especially liked the one at right.

Now we're on Kilbourn. The next bridge up ahead is State Street, which carries US 18 west.

West on Kilbourn. The serious-looking building off in the distance is the Milwaukee County Courthouse. (Where's my Occupy O?)

West on Wisconsin Avenue.

East on Michigan Street over the Milwaukee River.

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