Aug. 15-17 2013

West on State Street in Milwaukee, which carries westbound US 18 here. The structure over the street links Aurora Sinai Medical Center. But right before that, State Street goes over I-43, which is hard to see here.

State Street loses US 18 by the time we get here. This is approaching the Miller brewery (where a guy got drunk from the free beer samples during a tour). On the left, there's sort of a cave where Miller used to keep their beer cold.

A nice view of State Street through the brewery area. Up ahead, the street goes under an enclosed walkway linking buildings at the brewery.

As you can see, Miller is part of a joint venture with Coors now - a move that was approved by antitrust regulators in 2008, of course. We drove into the lot straight ahead without authorization - thus increasing the mischief rating.

Further on State Street.

Slippery road, like the name of that song Tantrum 95.7 used to play. This is northeast on Harmonee Avenue (WI 181) in downtown Wauwatosa.

Harmonee approaching Wauwatosa Avenue. I'm waiting for the inevitable day when we can finally lay to rest the question of what shape Wisconsin state route signs had in 1981.

From Wauwatosa Avenue, this is looking down the Harwood Avenue extension towards some downtown Wauwatosa businesses.

East on I-43/894 in Greenfield. This is at the exit for WI 36 (Loomis Road).

Returning home, this is south on I-94 at the travel plaza in Lake Forest, Ill. Every time I see anything with the Geico Gecko on it, I can't help but fondly recall the Oktoberfest in Cincinnati in which they handed out cardboard Geico fans. The lizard's face filled one whole side of the fan. At that event, somebody threw a Geico fan into a toilet. I went into the portable restroom to find the Geico Gecko staring up at me from the bowl.

In this video, we're approaching Chicago on I-94. This is near the US 14 exit on the north edge of the city. I tried filming a car driving recklessly, but they straightened up their act during this clip.

This is from I-90/94 just south of downtown Chicago. This is right near where somebody started a shouting match with Occupy during the NATO summit. I'm not exactly sure what road we're looking at. It could be the end of the baby freeway that runs south off Cermak Road.

The Chicago Skyway portion of I-90. Up ahead is the bridge over the Calumet River.

Crossing the Calumet!

I-90 entering Hammond, Ind.

I-90 uses the Indiana Toll Road, and we're still in Hammond here. IN 912 is one of the highest-numbered Indiana state routes. IN 912 forms a freeway called Cline Avenue (which was not named for the dreaded Cline Middle School).

This time, we took I-90 through Gary, and this is a view from I-90 of Gary City Hall.

Downtown Gary from I-90.

I-65 just south of Lafayette, Ind. This was one of the Tea Party's nationwide "days of action" when they held signs on overpasses demanding President Obama's impeachment. I count roughly 4 people in this photo. Their rally was so pathetic that I didn't immediately notice it going southbound.

I-65 south of Lebanon, Ind. What's of interest here is the road on the right - Indianapolis Road - which is the old US 52. (US 52 now uses I-65.) Also, an old USGS map reveals that I-65 around Lebanon employs the path of a now-defunct Byp US 52 (which was an undivided surface road).

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