Aug. 2006

Here River Road starts to run directly under the Waldvogel Viaduct.

Looking west from that same location, this is English Street, which runs under the viaduct up to State Avenue.

River Road ascends here and merges with the viaduct. That's Evans Street emerging from the left, and you can see the steps connecting Evans with the sidewalk of the viaduct. Now for the biggest disappointment of the entire outing: I had planned on scoping out a west approach of the secret bridge - a forgotten span that runs in the path of old 6th Street - to see if you can get to Mehring Way from here. In this photo, if you look to the immediate left of the ascendant River Road, you can see a very narrow roadway running under the left side of the viaduct. This is now signed as 6th, and I expected to be able to use this to get to the secret bridge. But if you look even closer, you can see a construction vehicle working on the underside of the viaduct. Oops, there went my plans.

Looking south on the endangered Evans towards the Waldvogel Viaduct.

North on Evans, with the 8th Street Viaduct passing over.

On Evans, looking west along a lower level of 8th Street, which does not connect to the 8th Street Viaduct that runs overhead.

The final 3 pictures in this set of 39 are nowhere near Mill Creek but were along the way home. I had trouble with this one, because I couldn't fit the entire scene into the picture. Here we're standing on Pete Rose Way facing west. The road itself is just to the left. What we're looking at is what used to be a ramp from Pete Rose Way to what was then the L&N Bridge - which is now the Purple People Bridge. The former ramp is the strip of pavement with the dark centerline that begins in the grass and runs roughly horizontally across the photo. This was kind of a loop ramp that went north up to the bridge approach, which then went southeast over Pete Rose Way.

This is east on 3rd Street on the east side of downtown. (This part of 3rd doesn't connect to the rest of 3rd.) What's notable here is that this street runs directly under the viaduct that links Fort Washington Way and Columbia Parkway.

The final picture from this event shows another of the day's great disappointments. I wanted to see the old Butler Street approach to the L&N Bridge. But a cop with her horse was guarding that area, so I dared not go near. This photo I took from the bridge was the best I could do. The viaduct over 3rd runs across the length of the picture. The short guardrail running horizontally under that is the end of what remains of the Butler approach. The loop ramp pictured earlier ended there. From where the guardrail is now, the bridge approach ran over Pete Rose Way (which runs horizontally in the lower half of the pic) and about where all those columns are to about where I'm taking the photo from.

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