July 23-24 2011

WI 42 entering Algoma. Algoma was not named for Al Gore.

Crossing the Ahnapee River on WI 42 in Algoma.

WI 42 follows Lake Michigan south of Algoma.

WI 42, probably in Kewaunee. For miles, a collection of countless bicyclists was traveling the other way.

We think this is WI 42 in Kewaunee.

This has to be WI 42 in Kewaunee again, as you can see more cyclists heading north.

WI 42 in Two Rivers.

Manitowoc (pronounced "man-ih-tuh-wok") is a city of 30,000 in northeastern Wisconsin. A piece of Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 4 once fell off and landed on a street in Manitowoc. This is a view of WI 42 with some Manitowoc industry in the background.

South on I-43 in River Hills, a suburb of Milwaukee.

I-43 entering Milwaukee. I-43 is entirely within Wisconsin. It has a segment from Beloit to Milwaukee that seems to be an afterthought to the Interstate highway system, having not been declared an Interstate until 1988. (That stretch had been WI 15.)

I-43 in Milwaukee.

Heading into downtown Milwaukee, I-43 has this utterly nifto TOO FAST FOR CURVE sign. This is an automated sign that activates if somebody drives too fast.

I-43 in Milwaukee approaching I-94 and 794.

I-43 is about to merge with I-94 and US 41. Apparently, there's 2 exits to Madison. After all, that's where everybody wants to be, since that's the city where people fight back. (You can tell I didn't write that in the 2020s.)

A good view of Milwaukee.

This is in Milwaukee, probably on I-43/94. And that billboard is a joke, right? It reads, "Support the Republicans who stayed at their jobs & put fiscal responsibility and our children's education first." Hilarious, huh? But this is Wisconsin, and people have a low tolerance for extremism after the 2010 electoral disaster, and you'll see that somebody painted the word "PROPAGANDA" over the lower part of the sign! (Yes, I'm aware of the Zoom disaster in the 2020s. But I wrote most of this page in the 2010s.)

Southeast on I-94 near Kenosha, Wis.

South on 120th Avenue, a frontage road for I-94 near Pleasant Prairie, Wis. This has to be the old US 41 - unless the frontage road on the other side of I-94 is. The ramp on the left bips directly onto I-94.

I-94 right after entering Illinois. It becomes the Tri-State Tollway (which exists in only one state).

Notice there's something big looming up ahead on the horizon. It's a city! A big one! That's right, Chicago! We're still 18 miles north of downtown as the crow flies, but it's already coming into view. This is still I-94, but we've surrendered the Tri-State Tollway (which swoops around the city).

I-94 in America's 3rd-largest city. I don't know whether we've picked up I-90 yet. And why does that RIGHT LANE ENDS sign have the Alabama state flag?

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