Nov. 27-28 2009

We've just emerged from a "Kentucky loop." This is south on MO 21/72 in Arcadia, MO, and we're going under the MO 72 stretch that we just looped from. This was probably constructed in the early 1980s.

They tried to get us here, didn't they? This would be continuing on that road a little past Arcadia.

MO 21/72 near Glover. This is near Taum Sauk Mountain, the highest point in Missouri.

This is likely SEC A near Edgehill, MO.

This may also be SEC A.

Probably east on MO 32 near Caledonia.

It's getting dark, but this has to do. We're crossing a bridge over Cedar Creek on MO 32 right past Caledonia.

A movy (sic)! This is MO 32 betwixt Caledonia and Bismarck.

"DONATIONS ARE NOT FOR CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS AND WILL BE RESOLD FOR PROFIT." That's about all you need to know about this donation bin in a motel parking lot in Pevely, MO. Why should people just give to a for-profit company - when they can give to a charity instead? Because this bin accepts only clothes and shoes, I tossed an empty Mountain Dew can in there.

On the road again! Goin' places that I've never been! Seein' things I'll never see again - because I ruined 'em the first time I was there! This is SEC Z going under I-55 in Pevely, MO. Notice how each side of the road splits where the columns for the overpass are.

Just south of St. Louis, this is east on I-255 (in a bottle of poo-55). We're about to cross back into Illinois. (I-255 also carries US 50 here.) The bridge ahead is the Jefferson Barracks Bridge, which opened westbound in 1983 and eastbound in 1992. The delay was caused by a crane dropping a section of the eastbound side into the Mississippi River. This replaced a 1941 bridge that once stood nearby.

Continuing on the Jefferson Barracks Bridge.

Looking down the mighty Mrs. Pepsi from the bridge.

Leaving the bridge and reentering Illinois.

We didn't enter St. Louis on this trip, because I'd just been there in 2005. Nonetheless, this is a view of St. Louis from I-255 in Dupo, IL - where IL 3 splits off and heads towards Cahokia (which has a cool name because it sounds like the Paholkes, who I had forgotten about for many a year).

North on IL 3 through Dupo, with the Gateway Arch in the background. (Although this is IL 3, there's no NAPA truck this time.)

Crossing a tiny stream on IL 3 into Cahokia.

Seen enough of St. Lou yet? This is continuing on IL 3 as it becomes Mississippi Avenue in Cahokia.

How about this? Another view of St. Louis from IL 3, probably just as we enter East St. Louis.

Eighth Street as it splits off from IL 3 in East St. Louis. Here it goes under a rail line.

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