Nov. 27-28 2009

This kicks off part 4 - the amazing Missouri page that's all Illinois! Here in East St. Louis, IL 3 forms what amounts to a baby freeway to I-55/64/70. (The Interstates also carry US 40.) Up ahead, this road goes under the rail line that crosses the MacArthur Bridge to St. Louis.

We're in East St. Louis, and I'm trying to figure out what this bridge is. I hope with all my heart that it's the span on the abandoned 10th Street where it goes over the rail line along Falling Springs Road.

I love East St. Louis! East St. Louis is an industrial city in Illinois, opposite St. Louis. I just adore the place. How I wish I lived there! This photo is of downtown East St. Louis, as seen from this feeder road for the Interstate. This also serves traffic leaving Missouri - hence the Illinois welcome sign.

A close-up of the sign in the previous photo. I call this the PBS sign. That's because the profile of Honest Abe in the Illinois outline is reminiscent of the old PBS logo of the 1970s - yes, the one in the bumper with the Moog synth they used to show after Sesame Street. PBS needs to bring back that bumper. That'll make America strong again!

Another view of East St. Louis from the freeway.

And another. It appeared as if the taller building had been gutted, along with several other major East St. Louis buildings. And that's what I like about this city - besides the fact that the Republicans are now officially only a third party there.

For one last bit of Missouri madness, we're looking back at St. Louis. (Really???)

Back to the world of clarity, this is still in East St. Louis. Right here, we lose I-64 and continue on I-55/70.

I-55/70 at the IL 203 exit.

West on College Avenue in Alton, probably going under the rail line west of our beloved IL 3.

Here in Alton, this is a life-sized statue of Robert Wadlow, who at nearly 9 feet tall was the tallest person in recorded history. Man, if a 10-foot-tall Sesame Street sign grew out of his head, he would have been cutting down power lines!

US 67 (State Street) in Jerseyville, IL, approaching IL 16.

Another view of US 67 at IL 16 in Jerseyville.

West on IL 16 near Fieldon.

IL 16 approaching scenic IL 100, near the mouth of the Illinois River.

Approaching the drawbridge on IL 100 between East Hardin and Hardin.

Bipping onto that beautiful drawbridge!

North on IL 100 near Hardin, with the Illinois River on the right.

IL 100 gives us this view of an interestingly shaped hill.

Continuing on IL 100 through the lower Illinois valley.

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