Aug. 11-12 2012

West on US 160/MO 17 in West Plains. Unlike in earlier years, the road bypassed downtown on the north. The stacks of lumber up ahead on the right were interesting.

US 160 traverses Bull Shoals Lake.

US 160 also crosses Beaver Creek near Hilda.

A view of the US 160 bridge over Swan Creek in Forsyth. Maps and aerials show another bridge that would be just to the left of this, though I saw no sign of it. One map suggests that the apparently missing bridge used to carry US 160.

Just blocks from the Swan Creek bridge is the MO 76 span over Bull Shoals Lake. We last crossed the lake 30 miles earlier, and in the intervening space, the lake dips into Arkansas. Bull Shoals Lake was formed in 1951 by damming the White River - causing the relocation of dozens of cemeteries. It flooded during the record rains of 2008.

This view of the resort town of Branson makes it look like a fairly large city. An episode of The Simpsons opined that Branson is like Las Vegas if Ned Flanders ran it. The waterway in the foreground is Lake Taneycomo.

MO 76 parallels Lake Taneycomo across from Branson. Here we approach a roundabout for the Branson bridges.

A view of 2 bridges to Branson. The spans are immediately parallel.

Crossing one of the bridges to Branson. The one on the left services a higher part of town.

Now we're in Branson, and I suspect this view is of MO 76 crossing a creek.

North on Branson Landing Boulevard.

Approaching a treacherous traffic circle on Branson Landing Boulevard.

At the roundabout, this is looking south on Biz US 65 (Veterans Boulevard). The road crosses Roark Creek up ahead.

Continuing on Biz US 65, I see something that must be absolutely humiliating to the city of Branson. Look on the left side of the road. Do you see it? That's right, folks! They have a Tea Party headquarters! How embarrassing! Oh well. Occupy the Ozarks always gets much greater turnout than the local Tea Party does.

A look back at central Branson, probably on MO 76 (Main Street).

West through Branson on MO 76. I love how they have a sign for restrooms like it's a car wash or laundromat.

Notice a person in a Batman costume walking around in front of Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater.

Horrendous MO 76 traffic.

MO 76 passes Andy Williams's Moon River Theatre. The sign features noted Tea Party adherent Ray Stevens.

It's Andy Williams! Andy Williams thinks I'm a follower of Marxist theory.

Speaking of the Tea Party, these men stood at MO 76 & 165 in Branson.

Notice how the man in the middle is sporting an angry scowl after seeing that I was photographing his ridiculous antics.

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