Sep. 8 Sep. 9 2017

I fulfilled my Roads Scholaring requirement when I helped my mom with her gigantic yard sale. This yard sale is now legendary for the smashed mugs.

9/8 - This was on the first day of the sale, when I went there using the Road Ruiner. This is in Fort Thomas, looking up Southgate Avenue from Memorial Parkway (KY 1120). A 1957 USGS map suggests that KY 1120 actually turned off Memorial Parkway and went southeast on Waterworks Road, but those maps were generally unclear about numbered highway routings. The same map shows Memorial Parkway had a slightly staggered intersection there. Roads Scholars care. Anybip, I got this photo because the THRU TRUCK ROUTE sign appeared to be old.

9/9 - The Road Ruiner was again pressed into service on the second day of the sale. September's main Scholaring covered Highland Heights and Wilder, as I headed down to Oktoberfest in Covington afterward. This location needs no introduction: It's Malfunction Junction, where US 27 meets I-471 (officially KY 471 here) in Highland Heights. Sunset Drive is straight ahead. I got this photo because I had just witnessed a truck going south on US 27 drop a whole bunch of melons onto the road. You can see the melons on the pavement. Look closely, and you can see a detour for Sunset. I ignored that sign, as you'll see. It's hard enough negotiating this intersection on a bike, and I didn't need any more delays.

This is what I was talking about. We bip along Sunset Drive (knowing full well of all the lost roads back here), and up ahead, we see they're building an unasked-for roundabout at University Drive. That's why the road was closed - but, ever the rebel, I'm plowing right on through!

Where University Drive becomes Three Mile Road, this is looking southwest on what was Campbell Drive. Maybe it still is, but its days look numbered. This is where the community college was where I regularly violated the dress code. I don't know if the community college is even still there, since NKU probably took it over (like they try to do with everything else).

A video descending Three Mile Road (KY 2238) in Wilder! This stretch hasn't changed much since Interstate construction in the 1970s ruined the rest of Three Mile. However, at 5 minutes into the movie, the old one-lane bridge was replaced by a new span around 2008.

North on KY 9 (Licking Pike) in Wilder. I adore the billboard at left that opposes unconstitutional "right-to-work" laws. In addition to Covington's skyscrapers, you can also see the rail bridge over the Licking River.

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