Sep. 9 2009

I took 9 photos on 9/9/09. And when I say this is Cincinnati's near eastern portion, man, do I mean near. I intended to go much further, but misleading signage stymied that marvelous endeavor by dumping me quite a ways from where I intended to go.

Biking northeast on Adams Crossing, formerly part of Martin Street. A sign harps about the roadway being private property, but it is in fact public. Up ahead is a portion of the street that is nearly abandoned.

Continuing up Adams Crossing. This is a blur because the bike was moving, but you can clearly see the tracks for the long-abandoned streetcar system embedded in the pavement. The overpass ahead is for Columbia Parkway (US 50). Martin Street used to meet 3rd Street at-grade where Columbia Parkway is now.

Looking back down Adams Crossing, with the I-471 bridge in the background.

From Adams Crossing, there's a very long, very steep set of steps that goes up to Hill Street at Celestial Street in Mount Adams. These steps are interrupted by a footbridge over Columbia Parkway. From the footbridge, this is looking southwest on Columbia Parkway into downtown. Straight ahead is the eastbound roadway from Fort Washington Way. To the left of that is a ramp from I-471 and Eggleston. The wide roadbed on the right is the 5th/6th viaduct. Note the strange sidewalk on the left of that roadbed.

From the footbridge, looking northeast on Columbia Parkway. The curved ramp up ahead is to Martin Drive north.

From Hill & Celestial, this is looking through the smog to Newport, KY. Notice part of the yellow framework of the I-471 bridge. I'm guessing that above that, running diagonally, is US 27 at the underpass near 11th.

If you better behavia when you're in Batavia, then you better keep your temper when you're on Kemper. This is south on Kemper Lane, where it meets Columbia Parkway.

Going down Kemper from US 50 to US 52. (We're going the wrong way on a one-way street.)

US 52 (Riverside Drive) going back towards downtown, near Bains Street. Not Braaaains (like the zombie game in Halo), but Bains. This is mainline US 52, but also Truck US 50.

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