Apr. 6 2010

This productive Peace Bike outing only goes to show that we still haven't run out of roads even in Cincinnati city limits. So why not read 'em, and why not peep?

Before we get too roadly, let me express my disappointment at the lack of abandoned roads in this photo. This is facing west from Leblond Park towards this scene. I was hoping that what looks like a barricaded path was an abandoned road, but it's probably just somebody's driveway that snakes upward from Columbia Parkway.

Is it? Could it be??? It is!!!!! It's an urban prairie! We're standing where Foster Street once met Keck Street, looking west. Oddly, the sign for Foster Street at US 52 still stood. Foster and Keck were still visible roads in the photo set from my 2007 Lunken Airport outing. But in 3 years, it's moved from being cleared for redevelopment to being reclaimed by nature.

An even more impressive photo, looking east in the urban prairie. It's so nice for LeftMaps to get to use its grayish-pink land use shading, isn't it? By all accounts, this urban prairie also used to include streets called Louisiana and Munson.

The part of Eastern Avenue that wasn't dumbly renamed to Riverside Drive. This is northwest at Stanley Avenue. I'm trying to determine the age of the Truck US 50 marker. We've narrowed it down to roughly 1965.

Now some new turf for me: This is southeast on Dumont Street from Donham Avenue.

Continuing on Dumont, approaching Tennyson Street.

Southwest on Tennyson from Dumont.

Dumont continues from Tennyson - only now it's on the other side of the rail line.

Continuing on Dumont towards McCullough Street.

Eastern Avenue again, northwest from the junction with Airport Road and Carrel Street. This old sign ain't long for this world, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Northwest on the obscure Feemster Street.

Now we're on Stites Place, looking southeast to where it meets Stites Avenue. Feemster is on the right, next to the blue house. The street straight ahead is an abandoned part of Stites Avenue that I investigated in August 2010. A 1968 aerial photo shows that it turned left and met Columbia Parkway. As of 2010, Stites Place bears a PRIVATE STREET sign. Clearly, however, the street is public, as it has several houses. So I pay the sign no heed.

The west end of Hoff Avenue. I was looking for any remnants of the street continuing from here to Torrence Road, but this cursory glance yielded no such treasures.

Going back the other way on Hoff.

Steps are like roads for people who aren't yet 36 and racked with arthritis. So I include 'em here! This is the staircase that goes up from US 52 across from Foster Street. This stairway may have crossed the rail line and gone up to Hoff.

South on Gotham Place from US 52. I got a similar picture here in 2009, but this photo shows the evolution of the Foster Street urban prairie, to the left of Gotham.

Looking up some steps from US 52 west of Bayou Street. The steps appear to reach the rail line. The path to the steps could be an abandoned minor road, and the steps may have actually connected to a Green Alley that may have once come off Columbia Parkway.

I had to stand on the roadway of US 52 west of where it goes under the rail line to take this photo. But I don't know the exact location. Note that this staircase also bears what seems to be Cincinnati's official slogan: STEPS CLOSED.

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