Apr. 20 2010

This Peace Bike outing marked the 20th anniversary of my expulsion from Brossart. And much of this outing was - not unlike Brossart - quite frustrating. However, it was also one of my longest bike jaunts of the era, and it yielded enough photos to be divided into 2 parts...

I usually avoid high-crime areas, but I couldn't resist this. Besides, it's safer than Brossart was, so I felt pretty comfortable here. This is west on Gandolfo Alley. That's right - Gandolfo. Like the guy whose picture was on that binder until I stuck a bubble gum sticker over him.

North on Central Parkway, approaching 12th. The US 27/127 markers are showing their age. This is also US 52.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this! It's a bike path and it's brand spankin' new! This new path runs along the William P. Dooley Bypass in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Northside.

The bike trail continues, as the William P. Dooley Bypass approaches Mad Anthony Street. Mill Creek is on the right.

This website celebrates wildlife as much as it does roads. And Mill Creek is like a road to the fish you see therein, who are swimming upstream towards the tiny dam on the lower left of the photo. Mill Creek is finally seeing some of its earlier luster restored, after decades of pollution.

Zooming back out to show you the small dam in Mill Creek. Note the rail line in the background, behind the wall for the creek channel.

North on Vine Street (OH 4), where it goes under the rail overpass near De Camp Avenue.

West on Galbraith Road - just west of the tangle with I-75.

East on Galbraith Road at the same spot.

Before reaching I-75, Galbraith goes over Anthony Wayne Avenue. This is looking south on Anthony Wayne, from the Galbraith overpass. Anthony Wayne Avenue is named after the same man Mad Anthony Street is named for.

North on Anthony Wayne from Galbraith.

East on Galbraith as we cross over southbound I-75 into the small suburb of Arlington Heights. Since the sign forbids loud stereos, does that mean loud radios without stereo reception are legal? Somebody needs to test that thesis!

Just a teensy bit past the previous photo, at another leg of the I-75 ramp. This speed limit sign is ancient. Speed limit signs of this style are now almost in the category of old that yellow stop signs used to be in. Also notice that I wasted a lot of time on Galbraith (in more ways than one).

South on I-75 from Galbraith Road. This is the south end of the famous Lockland split - where the north and south sides of I-75 get as much as about a half-mile apart. The overpass ahead carries the Ronald Reagan Highway westbound.

From Galbraith, this is north on southbound I-75.

Yeah, this really looks like I-75 to me. This is south on Erkenbrecher Avenue in Arlington Heights, with the town hall on the left. Almost all of Arlington Heights is between the 2 sides of I-75 at the Lockland split. Arlington Heights also has an alarmingly high rate of traffic citations per capita, probably thanks to the small part of I-75 that runs through the town limits.

I get lots of demands for Interstate markers with the state name - but I received a specific challenge to find one in Ohio, because they've supposedly become almost nonexistent in the Buckeye State. So imagine my surprise when I found one! And, man, is it old! This is west at the intersection of Davis Street and Mill Street in Lockland - right where I saw some folks cussing out a malfunctioning lawn mower. We're still within the I-75 split.

North on Mill Street in Lockland.

Nope, you're not seeing things. It's another old Ohio state name Interstate shield! This is north on Mill, approaching Wyoming Avenue. And the background of this photo foretells more amazingness.

Your eyes aren't deceiving you: That's 3 - count 'em, 3 - Ohio state name markers on this page! This scene at Wyoming & Mill is in the background of the previous photo. I actually photographed this same scene in an August 2008 photo set (when the buildings were in a less advanced state of demolition), but that photo makes it hard to see that it's a state name shield.

Skillman Alley in Lockland, going south from Wyoming Avenue.

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