Apr. 20 2010

Bad place to split this photo set, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Anyway, this is continuing south on Skillman Alley in Lockland. What's remarkable here is the presumably very old and certainly nonstandard stop sign on the right. A vertical rectangular stop sign??? Is this Bizarro World?

Continuing on Skillman at Dunn Street.

You guessed it! Skillman Alley galore!

From Lock Street, this is looking north on southbound I-75 - part of the notorious I-75 split. I got a picture here in my August 2008 tour, but it doesn't show the tight ramps on the left. These ramps make up the Cooper Avenue exit, and were slated to be demolished in 2010.

Button copy fetishists take note! This is north on Cooper Avenue at the junction with the endangered ramp to I-75.

Embossed signy goodness! This style of speed limit sign is very, very old and now very, very scarce. I'd guess this sign could even be from the 1950s. This is west on Wyoming Avenue near the boundary between Lockland and the town of Wyoming.

North at the intersection of OH 4 & 747, going from Woodlawn into Glendale. OH 747 begins here, and is straight ahead, while OH 4 veers left. OH 747 here is called Congress Avenue - which is fitting, because it's about useless. OH 4 here also once carried OH 126, before OH 126 was moved to the Ronald Reagan Highway.

North on OH 747 (Princeton Pike) in Springdale - approaching the northern reaches of I-275. I could tell that whoever designed the roads in this part of town really put a lot of effort into thinking how they could make the roads completely unbikeable.

A video going south on Winton Road in Greenhills. The town of Greenhills was designed to be surrounded by a band of natural landscaping, so that's why there's no suburban buildup in this video. The video ends as we go over Winton Lake in Springfield Township.

South on Winton Road going over Winton Lake.

Another view of Winton Road south over the lake.

Looking out over Winton Lake - also known as West Fork Lake.

Looking north where Winton Road spans the lake.

West on the Ronald Reagan Highway from Winton Road. The sixth vehicle on the ramp at right is the white van that almost hit me, and whose driver acted like it was my fault. Almost ran up my deficit, didn't he?

On Winton Road still, approaching what turned out to be Channel 64's tower. I've long speculated that this tower may also be used for some radio stations, however.

We're on Winton Road still! This video is going south in Finneytown - just north of Cincinnati city limits. At this point, I was mad!!! Also, the camera mount got dislodged during this clip, so it pointed slightly upward. But this gave us more footage of the Channel 64 mast. The video ends near North Bend Road.

Now this is a good video! This is primarily southeast on Center Hill Avenue just inside Cincinnati - which becomes Township Avenue in Elmwood Place. This is one of the longest downhill glides in recent Roads Scholaring memory.

More antique signage! This is at the end of James Street in Elmwood Place, where there's this fence at some private industry. I'm pretty sure this stop sign is embossed - so it's of the generation just after yellow stop signs were discontinued in 1954. Then again, Ohio usually used a skinnier stop sign font later than that, so I'm not sure where this sign came from.

Looking southwest towards the scene in the previous photo.

The Vine Street sign is yet another exhibit in ancient embossed signage. This is also in Elmwood Place.

Looking south on I-75. This photo was taken from Central Parkway.

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