June 30 2008

This Roads Scholaring outing wasn't intended to be such a big event, but I found some real surprises! So read it and peep...

"The decal is back...Circus Vargas, Circus Vargas..." This is west on 4th at Greenup, in front of the Sunoco gas station. KY 8 west uses this street, and I have no idea why it's signed as a Truck KY 17 detour. And what are folks doing with their Sunoco decals? I'll tell ya...

They're slapping the decals on Allowed Clouds like this! This is west on 4th at Garrard. Coming off the Veterans Memorial Bridge, this is the first thing you see entering Covington. I sure hope Covington's noise ordinance isn't selectively enforced like Bellevue's is.

I was furious at being rousted out of bed at 7 AM by a harassing phone call, and one of the properties pictured here is the source of that call. This is west on 5th at Scott Boulevard. KY 8 east uses 5th; KY 17 south uses Scott.

The harassing phone call circuit continues. I've also been receiving harassing communications from one of the many properties pictured here. This is east on Pike Street (US 25/42/127), east of I-75.

West on 13th. Fisk Street goes off on the right. Linden Grove Cemetery is on the left.

This alley runs south off 13th along the east edge of Linden Grove Cemetery.

South off 21st & Augustine. The private road seems to parallel the rail line for blocks and leads to some industries. (I should have picked up a Sunoco decal!)

One of the highlights of this outing! West from 23rd & Center is this abandoned road. A few maps still mark this as New Quarry Road, but it's probably been abandoned for decades.

Further on old New Quarry. Notice the sidewalk still standing at left. Out of range of this photo, this area also still features an old fire hydrant. Somehow I get the feeling this used to be like the Dayton Pike of Covington.

Southeast on the abandoned New Quarry from the end of Pointe Benton Road.

If you're traveling east, Warren Street appears to simply become 26th. But this is a disused portion of 26th running southwest from that point.

Not a great photo, but this is an attempt to show what a mess this 5-way intersection is. Here, KY 16 ends at KY 17. This is facing southeast on KY 17, which uses Madison Avenue here. Note the BUSES TURN LEFT FROM RIGHT LANE sign. That shows you how perilous this is.

These signs grace the castle-like entrance to one of my many alma maters, Holmes High School. I attended Holmes back before it opted to become Brossart Lite. The vehicle search sign is wrong on Fourth Amendment grounds. (Now I really wish I had gotten a Sunoco decal!) The water tower in the background almost has to be the one on the south side of Newport.

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