June 30 2008

Southwest on Madison Avenue (KY 17), opposite Rogers Street. I don't know what this white building was, but I thunk it mighty sharp.

From an empty portion of Latonia Centre, a shopping center on Winston Avenue, this is looking southeast towards the hills along the Covington/Taylor Mill boundary. You see 2 hills with radio and TV towers. The red and white tower on the hill on the left is probably for WCVN (Channel 54). They're a Big Bird chan! The hill on the right is just northwest of the I-275/KY 16 interchange. The larger of the 2 towers on that hill was thought to be for the FM at 97.3 (much to the delight of both of its listeners), but some reports say that this station abandoned its tower there.

East on Southern Avenue at the railroad crossing between Huntington and Glenn.

Somebody's got a bad case of sine rot! This is west at the same crossing. Covington is now riddled with these NO TRAIN HORN signs. Perhaps they did something about the noise at 4 AM (which Bellevue still won't do anything about). (Now I bet CSX wishes it had some Sunoco decals.)

South on Huntington Avenue, approaching 39th. I'm back on the harassing phone call circuit again, as one of the houses pictured here is another source of the tyranny I've been subjected to.

A decent shot of Huntington Avenue, looking southeast from 40th.

Forty-Third Street between Huntington and Glenn was closed for no apparent reason. But the Peace Bike and I promptly ignored this prohibition.

Northwest on Decoursey Avenue from 44th. This shows what type of weather loomed. Decoursey is part of KY 177.

Southeast on Decoursey at 44th.

From the floodwall, looking southeast at the Licking River rail bridge near 15th. This train was parked on the span.

The secluded area along the Licking River behind the floodwall was the best surprise of the day. Nobody goes back here, and it appeared relatively free from spoilage.

Still behind the floodwall, this appears to be the ruins of some old concrete structure (perhaps a small house).

We're still behind the floodwall, and this would almost have to be under where the old Shortway Bridge was. The span was replaced in the early 2000s and linked Covington's 12th Street with Newport's 11th. It was part of KY 1120.

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