Mar. 31 2010

This was one of the most nondescript Roads Scholarings of the era. Still, it wasn't a complete bust, as it yielded 18 photos that are at least usable (though not spectacular).

Our mandatory Newport photo in this Covington outing. This is west on 4th where it forms a yoke approach onto the Veterans Memorial Bridge - just south of the urban prairie that resulted from the demolition of the old housing project. You may notice that the KY 8 sign still has the outline of a sticker shaped like a roll of toilet paper, which was a craze here several years earlier. The real highlight of this photo is the pair of ducks on the street - who may have been led here by either the urban prairie or the high river levels earlier in the month (despite the floodwall).

West on Lewis Street in Covington, this shows that even urban areas around here can be hilly. The staircase on the left is a short path to Pike Street. The speed limit sign appears quite old, possibly from the 1960s.

North on Western Avenue from Pike.

The death of an aging road sign: This photo is north on the service road at 12th formed by the ramp from I-75 north. Of interest is the sparkling new TO NEWPORT sign, which was erected in 2009 or 2010 to replace a black-on-white sign that probably dated from the 1960s. I'm so glad I got a photo of the old sign during my 2009 jaunt through Kenton and Boone counties.

I would've taken a close-up here, except this is generally only a PG-rated page. Here we're looking west on 12th, as a nude statue (with her arm and most of her head missing) stands on the sidewalk. Covington is the city that was so prim around 1990 that it refused to install swimming pools at Devou Park unless they were single-gender - so any art the city tolerates on a public right-of-way is clean enough for this website.

This bridge was dated 1992. This is going southeast under the rail line as Latonia Avenue becomes 43rd Street.

The bridge where Latonia Avenue becomes 43rd has this little-known bonus. Right next to the rail bridge is a tiny road bridge that serves some industries. It might be off-limits to the general public, but when you're a Roads Scholar like I am, who cares? This is going northeast over the bridge.

Now we're going southwest again on that obscure road.

Southwest on 35th in the Latonia section of town. The parked trains on the tracks at left seem to be some sort of rail museum.

Do fans of local 1980s radio recognize this building? This tiny building off 38th behind the Value City shopping center was the home of WCLU. (It now seems to house WCVG, which occupies WCLU's old dial position.) This building is where lots of 45 RPM records skipped, and where Famous Shovelhead was frequently discussed.

Northwest on Rogers Street, crossing an abandoned stretch of rail trackage. An old map suggests this was once part of KY 16 - with a short multiplex with KY 177, which probably turned left onto 34th just ahead. In any event, you can see all the way to KY 17 here.

North from 34th on the alley that parallels the west side of Decoursey Avenue.

I was just testing the camera here, yet I got this. This is south on Decoursey (KY 16) near 34th.

This has to be northeast on 31st from Decoursey.

A sign marked this one-way thoroughfare as a private drive. But it is not. This is an isolated block of Winchester Street. Here we're going north from 31st to 30th.

The final Latonia photo in this set. I was hoping this path running west off James Avenue (KY 16) would turn out to be an abandoned road, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

West on Wallace Avenue approaching the traffic island at Greenup Street. Until 2007, that began a stretch of Wallace that carried northbound KY 17, but KY 17 was moved to 20th because wealthy neighborhood residents complained.

I don't think I had a picture of this yet - which is surprising. This is north on Greenup, at the rail bridge near 17th. The one-way Greenup carries northbound KY 17 here.

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