Oct. 22 2008

I planned on doing US 52 east, but the Peace Bike and I were so appalled at the condition of the road that we went back to downtown.

This sign loomed large on US 52 (Riverside Drive) near Bains Street. The $5,298,886.32 project had taken a year and had left the road in shambles during construction, so there better be some major improvements! They can start by renaming Riverside Drive back to Eastern Avenue.

A path to the future gives us a glimpse of the past! This video has us biking northeast on what's now a bike path. It used to be a standard rail line, but I think the current track might occasionally be used for small maintenance vehicles. This goes from just before crossing under the Newport Southbank Bridge to where the trail ends, just before Montgomery Inn.

A trail to nowhere! (It's as if Sarah Palin built it!) We pick up another trail past the Montgomery Inn parking lot and continue northeast. This trail was almost certainly in the path of an old railroad track. It goes for about a half-mile before reaching a dead-end at a secluded thicket. For years, a path has been proposed to Lunken Airport, but instead, money gets thrown at wasteful car-happy projects.

US 27/52 uses part of Mehring Way. This video goes west on Mehring Way on the south side of downtown, then north on Elm Street, where the clip ends abruptly.

More action! This is a video of Fort Washington Way from where Elm Street passes it over. Fort Washington Way of course is a sunken freeway carrying I-71 and US 50. We start off looking east. The BGS that advertises I-471 is attached to the Race Street overpass. Fort Washington Way first opened around 1960 but was rebuilt into this sleek form around 2000.

Right downtown, we go east on 5th Street from Central Avenue to Race Street. The clip starts out facing north on Central. When we start moving east, note the fire station on the right. Note also at the 3:10 mark that a taxi drives up on the sidewalk.

South on Race Street, east on Theodore M. Berry Way, and onto the approach for the Roebling Suspension Bridge!

How could I resist making a Kentucky video on the way home? This is east on 5th in Covington! This one-way street carries eastbound KY 8. This video includes 5th from Philadelphia Street to Madison Avenue. Fifth is mighty busy, so I had to sidewalk much of this scatterbrained clip.

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