Dec. 27 2016

The Peace Bike and I didn't cover a big distance here or find anything spectacular, but this minor Scholaring still yielded 22 photos.

Yes, I know I probably had this one, but what's a mere mortal to do? Stink? This is southeast on Columbia Street at 4th. Westbound KY 8 uses 4th. I got this photo for those who are obsessed with Interstate shields with the state name.

Northwest on York Street at the approach to US 27's Taylor-Southgate Bridge. Usually, York is southbound US 27, but here it's closed as they make the approach into an unasked-for roundabout.

From York, this is looking southwest on the new KY 8 under construction. This stretch overlays where 3rd was. However, it was thought that construction might be halted by state fiscal woes.

Northeast on 3rd approaching Monmouth. Roundabout construction actually forced southbound US 27 to detour onto Monmouth for a bit!

Continuing on 3rd, which picks up KY 8 straight ahead. Who calls their business Axis Alley anyway???

Southeast on Monmouth - and yes, this block is two-way US 27 for now. I assume that's not permanent.

Looking the other way on Monmouth.

Northeast from Monmouth on Southgate Street - really an alley here. (A people's road!)

Now things are getting remotely interesting again. From Columbia Street, this is northeast on the new KY 8 that overlays 3rd.

KY 8 was to continue southwest from there on a new pavement. The framework of KY 8's Veterans Memorial Bridge is barely visible in the background.

Southwest on 4th (KY 8 west) at Central Avenue (the existing KY 9). The construction zone up ahead is where the new KY 9 would become the new KY 8 at a new roundabout.

This one's for you, state name obsessos. This is the shield at 4th & Central.

It's 4th & Central again. I don't remember a Senate candidate named Kraylon Lundergan Grimes.

This beautiful urban prairie with a great view of downtown Cincinnati is in deep danger of being redeveloped. This is northwest on the unnumbered, disused stretch of Central.

Southwest from Central in the urban prairie. The pavement straight ahead is a parking lot for some low-income housing that used to be here before developers got a hold of it. The path of the new KY 8 runs horizontally behind that.

I think this is northwest on the new KY 8 where it would parallel Isabella Street.

Fourth at Isabella. Why are they telling people to detour down Isabella?

Northwest on Isabella in the urban prairie. This is their detour.

This is a decent photo here. This is southeast on Isabella. Roundabout construction along 4th runs horizony across the photo.

That stop sign has seen less funny days. It loomed on Isabella at Southgate.

South on Southgate where it curves under the Veterans Memorial Bridge. This used to be part of Brighton Street. Dumpsters block the roadway hopelessly.

Looking the other way on Southgate from 5th.

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