Sep. 2-5 2010

This 9-part batch of photos is the final set from my hilarious tour of the West and Midwest. So let your love flow like a mountain stream...

I'm guessing this is east on US 2 near Columbia Falls, MT. (Note the mile 141 marker.)

I'm not sure what river this is, but it could be the South Fork Flathead.

The highlight of the morning was Glacier National Park, site of this waterfall. The park is known for its glaciers that are now retreating or disappearing because of climate change caused by human activity. Scientists say that all the park's glaciers will melt by 2030 if climate change continues at its present rate.

Another waterfall photo.

A creek in Glacier National Park.

Another waterfall. And you thunk waterfalls were only on TV, didn't you?

Another creek picture.

More of the same!

This is Going-to-the-Sun Road where it goes over Avalanche Creek. Going-to-the-Sun Road (which is closed in winter and much of spring and fall) is a scenic little drive that bisects the park. Construction of the 53-mile road lasted from 1921 to 1933, and the road takes over 2 months to plow.

Continuing on Going-to-the-Sun Road - although it looks like all we're doing is going to the clouds.

Glacier National Park really starts living up to expectations here with the mountain scenery.

Another mountain view on Going-to-the-Sun Road.

If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's this.

This too. Who can bother you out here? Newt?

This appears to be a pair of trickling waterfalls.

Going-to-the-Sun Road again. I'm not sure, but I think an upcoming portion of the road is visible about halfway up the mountain.

On Going-to-the-Sun Road, we appear to be looking over to another stretch of this road.

Going-to-the-Sun Road again!

I don't know exactly where this tunnel is, but this is one of the reasons Going-to-the-Sun Road was considered one of the greatest civil engineering feats of its era.

Same tunnel.

Same road.

Hairpin turn here.

Going around the bend, we pass a hitchhiker. We didn't pick him up though. What if he was a weirdo?

We've just cleared the hairpin curve.

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