Sep. 2-5 2010

I-15 in northern Montana is one of the least traveled stretches of Interstate in the whole country. This is south on I-15, heading south from Shelby, MT. I'm sure the road on the left is the old US 91.

From I-15 near Brady, MT, this is another view of old US 91.

I-15 near Gordon, MT. Sesame Street has a Gordon.

I-15 approaching Vaughn, MT. The road on the right is likely old US 91.

Now we're right across the Missouri River from Great Falls, one of the biggest cities in Montana. The road ahead is the bridge for 9th Street, but the pavement to the left of that is the bridge for 10th Street, which it replaced. The 10th Street span is reportedly still open for pedestrians, but that looks doubtful from other pictures I've seen.

Some industry in Great Falls.

Entering downtown Great Falls. We're on the Central Avenue Bridge over the Missouri River.

Central Avenue becomes 1st Avenue North. Now we go under a railroad bridge.

This obviously is downtown Great Falls.

Crossing 1st Avenue South on foot in Great Falls.

This restaurant is called...BERT & ERNIE'S!!!!! Like those guys on Sesame Street!

Walking around aimlessly in downtown Great Falls awaiting the revolution.

Another view of the 9th Street bridge with the forlorn 10th Street span on the left.

This is US 87, MT 3, and MT 200 near Armington, MT. I don't know whether we've lost US 89 yet. MT 200 is part of a multistate highway that begins in Idaho as ID 200 and ends in Minnesota as MN 200. Most of MT 200 was formed from the old MT 20 (but it also absorbed the old Alt US 10 in western Montana). The Montana portion alone is 701 miles long.

The road continues through the Little Belt Mountains.

US 191 makes its reappearance from Flaming Gorge and Yellowstone. This is 1st Avenue in Lewistown, MT.

Main Street in Lewistown.

About 10 miles east of Lewistown on US 87/MT 200.

Continuing on US 87/MT 200.

About 20 miles east of Lewistown, not long before we lose US 87.

We think this sign error is near Mosby, MT. There is no US 200, and it's doubtful that a US 200 would be able to fit anywhere on that amazing grid known as the U.S. numbered highway system.

MT 200, probably near Mosby or Sand Springs. Either way, this has to be in Garfield County, which is where some neo-Nazis in the 1990s tried overthrowing the federal government because an election didn't go their way. (These idiots made phony checks to buy goods and intentionally overpaid just so they could get refunds. I don't get the appeal of that.)

And did I tell you this is the most Republican county in Montana?

The other side has land, but our side has people.

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