Sep. 2-5 2010

The road is still MT 200 east, and the place is presumably still Garfield County, MT. Now we're entering the badlands of eastern Montana.

Another view of the desolate badlands.

MT 200 still!

The badlands really think they're bad, don't they?

Who owns this???

This is actually one of my favorite photos from this region.

Not out of the badlands yet.

Still MT 200.

"Maybe I'm a fool..."

More MT 200!


And more.

And more!

MT 200 crosses Cottonwood Creek about 10 miles northeast of Circle, MT.

Near where we cross from McCone County into Dawson County. Dawson County is the home of the town of Glendive - the smallest TV market in America.

The 8th Street Viaduct. Just joking! Actually this is still MT 200.

The mountains in this area are called the Big Sheep Mountains.

Approaching Sidney, MT, on MT 200.

Now we're in Sidney, and MT 16 branches off on the left. And yes, the Regina that the sign refers to is the one in Saskatchewan. They act like it's so easy to just cross a national border at will.

This video takes us through Fairview, MT, and into North Dakota - the U.S. state least visited by tourists. MT 200 becomes ND 200 at the state line.

ND 200 was once ND 23.

Crossing this bridge over the Yellowstone River. The USGS map shows the Hjalmer Nelson Memorial Bridge in this approximate location, but the map hasn't been updated since 1976, and this appears to be a replacement span.

Upstream on the Yellowstone River from the aforementioned bridge - near where the Yellowstone empties into the Missouri River. This is like having a little piece of Yellowstone National Park still with us, as this is the same Yellowstone River that flows through the park and forms Yellowstone Lake. The bridge you see is a rail span, which enters a tunnel at left.

Downstream on the Yellowstone River.

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