Sep. 2-5 2010

Near Artas, SD.

Unpaved road somewhere near US 12 in South Dakota.

Crossing US 12.

Entering Minnesota on US 14.

Wind farm along US 14. Notice that one of the blades on the windmill at right is (keek!) ruined.

Probably US 14. The pavement is purple, perhaps as a tribute to one of Minnesota's most famous musicians, who seems to be obsessed with this hue.

Some minor roads, probably near Walnut Grove, MN.

Another present from the prairie! Here we go under another somewhat interesting rail bridge. We're probably on US 14 near New Ulm, MN.

We lodged in Mankato, MN, but we took a side trip from there along US 169 northeast. US 169 here is a divided highway with some freeway touches like this exit to MN 112.

This is probably south on MN 22 in Mankato, approaching the US 14/MN 60 freeway.

I'm guessing this is US 14 near Janesville, MN.

Another minor unpaved road - this one near Blooming Prairie, MN. It's blooming and it's looming!

Intersection near Blooming Prairie.

Entering Iowa on US 218.

Another view crossing into Iowa.

US 218 freeway in Waterloo, IA.

Approaching downtown Waterloo. (What other kind of loo is there?)

A good view of downtown Waterloo.

Another downtown view.

I-380 southbound in Cedar Rapids, IA. Cedar Rapids smells nice because of the oat factories, and the city's mayor in 2000 was the highest-ranking Republican official in the country who endorsed Al Gore. Most of I-380 is also part of IA 27 - which itself is part of the Avenue of the Saints, a multistate 4-lane highway from St. Louis to St. Paul. It's only been IA 27 since 2001.

A view over Cedar Lake towards downtown Cedar Rapids.

I-380 in Cedar Rapids again.

Another photo in Cedar Rapids!

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