Aug. 17-18 2007

Heading home from Nashville. This is just outside Nashville, going north on US 31W and approaching the Kentucky state line. The Robertson/Sumner county line runs right down the middle of US 31W.

Looking north near Lawrenceburg, KY. This is on either US 127 or Byp US 127 around town. There's a spot where you can very briefly see what I believe to be a large building in Frankfort which is possibly 10 miles from here. This is looking out over that general area.

Now we're in Frankfort. We've just turned off US 60 and are heading onto Lafayette Drive. (Those in the know call it KY 2271, which I'm pretty sure was unsigned.) Lafayette descends this hill and forms an underpass under US 60.

A strange side view of the Kentucky State Capitol. Lots of fascism goes on in this building. Because of what goes on here, Kentuckians aren't allowed to buy allergy medicine that works, yet it's A-OK for violent school bullies to get a driver's license (when others can't). We're on Lafayette Drive at the intersection with Shelby Street. (Shelby Street is KY 2259, which I'm also pretty sure is unsigned.)

Just north of the State Capitol, going north on Capitol Avenue, which carries the dreaded KY 420. Note the median with the fancy lampposts. This may have once been part of US 127. (It appears to have been KY 35, most of which became US 127.)

KY 420 joins US 60 to cross this nifty bridge over the Kentucky River in Frankfort.

Uproariously, this part of KY 420 in Frankfort uses HIGH Street. (Get it?) This is approaching Broadway.

Continuing on High Street. Up ahead is a rather oddly designed intersection with Mero Street. You can see part of a new-looking building on Mero Street just left of the intersection. That's the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet - home of the fine peeps who run all these wonderful state routes for you. Behind that, notice the hill that looms 200 feet above the city.

KY 420 continues on Mero. Here we're going under a decking for something called Capitol Plaza. Capitol Plaza is a complex that features a hotel and a fairly tall office building.

Almost home! Now we're in Highland Heights, KY - my original hometown! And we're right by Northern Kentucky University - one of only 4 schools I was expelled from! Here we're going south on University Drive at Nunn Drive. This is to show the dangerous new roundabout that opened just days before this picture was taken. The ONE WAY sign is on the knoll in the middle of the traffic circle. You can't see the surface of the other side of the rotary - just the backs of some signs.

This 'tis an attempt to show you what it's like driving on the roundabout. Off to the right is eastbound Nunn Drive (the road that links NKU with US 27). The rotary continues as it curves to the left.

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