Dec. 28-30 2008

East on Alt US 58 near Hansonville, VA, approaching US 19. Note the clouds hanging low in the mountains. (I wonder if that's the Allowed Cloud?)

Still around Hansonville, this is probably southeast on US 19.

This appears to be US 19 at Clinch Mountain.

US 19, 9 minutes before Abingdon, VA. The median of this divided highway is pretty wide here.

This is where US 19 joins US 11 in Abingdon. The route leads us west, even though our trip had an easterly inclination.

Our trip also had a southerly bent, although I-81 took us north for miles. This is a somewhat blurry shot of I-81, probably near Rural Retreat, VA.

I-81 again! If you think I took too many photos on this trip, it was a much better trip than the ominous weather along this road would indicate, so why not keep the memories alive?

On the northwest side of Wytheville, VA, looking south from I-81 at North 4th Street. (Wytheville has a strange street numbering grid: Even-numbered streets are west of downtown; odd-numbered streets are east.) This is the northern terminus of US 21 - which used to run all the way to Cleveland before the rise of I-77. This is also where I-81 picks up US 52.

We wanted to go south on I-77, but inexplicably, traffic on the Interstates outside Wytheville was nearly at a standstill. So we made a detour, going southeast on US 52 where it splits from the Interstates. This is in southeastern Wythe County.

US 52 generally parallels I-77 in Virginia, but this video shows US 52 going under I-77 in southeastern Wythe County. After we go under I-77, we cross the New River and then under a rail overpass - which appears to be abandoned.

No more paper logs? Well, then stop eating paper! The traffic here was at a complete halt on I-77 south near Poplar Camp.

A blurry shot going east on US 58, east of Hillsville, VA.

Tsk, tsk. How did the home state of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson ever allow the Number of the Beast on a route marker? This is continuing on US 58 in Carroll County. This portion of SEC 666 is also known as Bent Nail Road.

US 58 just past SEC 666.

This is 18 minutes after the previous shot. This is on US 58, probably where it goes under the Blue Ridge Parkway. I can't think of anything else in that area that might have a bridge like this.

This has to be US 58 near Stuart, VA.

I almost didn't use this photo, and you can probably see why. This pic fails to live up to my usually lofty standards, as I had to crop out the roomy control panel of the partymobile. But this is undoubtedly in Martinsville, VA, and it has to be going northeast on Starling Avenue (Biz US 58), where it goes over a rail line. How transportationly is that?

East on River Street in Danville, VA, which seems to carry Biz US 58 and US 360. This is going under a rail bridge that also crosses the Dan River. This photo just missed the span's framework.

Just past the previous photo, we go under yet another rail bridge.

Darkness is of little consequence to the Eyewitness Cam, which cut through the nighttime sky to net us this photo going south on US 501 from Virginia into North Carolina.

The North Carolina welcome sign on US 501!

US 64 is a freeway from near Raleigh all the way to Williamston, NC. This is going east, probably somewhere around Robersonville.

From Williamston, US 13 runs north into Bertie County on this divided highway that cuts through Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge. This treacherous sky was sighted near the Martin/Bertie county line.

Another US 13 shot in the Roanoke River valley.

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