Dec. 28-30 2008

The third and final day of our fact-finding mission begins! This view of the mountains (through an empty car) is near Lynchburg, VA. ("I use it in my home.") I didn't notice it then, but it appears as if the higher mountain may have a TV or radio tower thereon. It would be logical, for the TV and radio industries combine Roanoke and Lynchburg into one market.

This would be west on US 460 in eastern Bedford County, VA.

Just after the previous shot, US 460 goes over the Big Otter River.

Looking north from US 460 near the Big Otter River.

I'm guessing this is approaching Bedford on US 460 - possibly at Shiloh Church Road? Who but the forces of Bedforddom really knows?

Main Street in downtown Bedford. Other than that, this photo is mighty self-explanatory.

North on Bridge Street in downtown Bedford. This carries US 221, VA 43, and VA 122.

"NO TRUCKS OR COMMERCIAL VEHICLES ALLOWED ON PARKWAY 9 MILES AHEAD." Ooh, an Allowed Cloud! (But it's a good Allowed Cloud.) This is northwest on VA 43, leaving Bedford. The Allowed Cloud refers to the looming Blue Ridge Parkway. VA 43 seems to merge with the Blue Ridge Parkway for 6 miles if you continue northwest.

Looking north from VA 43 near the edge of Bedford.

Two minutes later, continuing on VA 43! Man, this is starting to rule!

On our beloved VA 43 still, approaching what's possibly numbered as SEC 642.

We goed northeast on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This road runs for almost 500 miles in North Carolina and Virginia and is run by the National Park Service. Construction of the parkway started in 1935, but wasn't complete until 1987.

Continuing our 22-mile trek (not Star Trek, just a trek) on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers many scenic views, of course. All for free!

This too is from the parkway.

I don't know which way this is facing, but it could be towards Lynchburg. But I'm not sure about that.

If the last pic was towards Lynchburg, this one could be towards the I-81 area - and probably is, because it resembles one of the later Arnold Valley snaps.

A giant monster inflating an oversized volleyball with its neck? This is looking north from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Where's this? I could tell ya, but I'd have to kill ya. Actually I couldn't tell ya - but I'd have to kill ya anyway. (Just joking!) This is clearly on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but exactly where, I don't know.

A very similar photo to the previous pic, but focusing in on the long, Mr. Snuffleupagus-like mountain.

Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?! The Arnold Valley is an area northwest of the Blue Ridge Parkway, maybe around Natural Bridge.

Braving cold weather to look over the Arnold Valley.

Another shot of the Arnold Valley. This photo isn't very roadly, and I'm not even going to try to identify the individual mountains. Such a task may be futile, not unlike the Far Right.

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