Dec. 28-30 2008

I had to split the parts during the Arnold Valley subset, but sometimes life is rough. This is still along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

On the ramp from the Blue Ridge Parkway to US 501 near Big Island, VA. The bridge seen here carries the parkway.

Four minutes later on US 501, this is the mighty James River. Somewhere around here, a hapless gent parked along the road was sighted doing something very, very nasty.

North on US 501, we cross the James River. Up ahead, US 501 picks up VA 130.

Looking south on VA 130 from US 501.

Continuing on US 501, paralleling the James River.

Still US 501, approaching Buena Vista in the 800 block of Glasgow Highway.

US 501 ends in Buena Vista. Waaaaah! We're just past the end, going west on US 60, which makes up 29th Street through town. (Actually, US 60 didn't make up 29th Street. It's real.) We're going under a somewhat interesting rail overpass.

Between Buena Vista and Lexington, VA, US 60 crosses I-81. This is approaching that junction. US 60 is known here as Midland Trail, just as it is through much of Kentucky.

Lexington, VA, is interesting because US 60 takes you down a hill on Nelson Street and over this bridge downtown.

US 60 continues to astonish going northwest through Lexington. West Washington Street comes out here at Washington & Lee University. The overpass ahead clearly was once rail, but now it appears as if it may be a walkway for the university. Just where US 60 winks out of view, it goes over a creek.

"I like Big Butte and I cannot lie..." According to Rand McNally - and it could be wrong - this is Big Butte. I guess now we're on I-64, which picks up US 60.

Continuing west on the legendary I-64.

"Don't call us...We'll call you..." If Rand McNally is accurate, that might be Sugarloaf Mountain up ahead. This is going southwest on a stretch of I-64 between exits 43 and 35.

This video has us getting off I-64 and going down the ramp to VA 42 at Nicelytown, VA. We go north on VA 42 for just a bip.

Unmistakably, this is VA 42 in Alleghany County.

Along VA 42 near the Alleghany/Bath county line.

VA 42 crosses the Cowpasture River in southern Bath County.

One of my favorite photos in this entire 7-part batch! Now we're going west on I-64 again, between Lowmoor and Covington, VA. I-64 here also carries US 60/220. However, it's not clear whether the frontage road seen here was once US 60/220.

A video going west on I-64 in Virginia and West Virginia. This clip spans some 6 miles near the state line.

On I-64 in West Virginia, looking back at this unusual bridge. The span carries Loundermilk Road in western Greenbrier County.

Look at that cool and broccoli water (as Little River Band would say)! From I-64, this is the New River near Sandstone, WV.

At the New River, we cross from Summers County into Raleigh County. (Still West Virginia!) Notice it's a certified business location! Gee, just what I need.

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