Nov. 6-8 2015

This may have been the least eventful overnight trip in recorded history. But it had to be done, because the Allowed Cloud said so.

From I-64, a nighttime view of Charleston, W.Va. - one of our cities that keeps on giving.

Continuing through Charleston, we opted for I-64/77.

North on Harts Run Road over Howard Creek in White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.

The real pibmania is when you go back south on Harts Run Road. The road actually has a tunnel under a rail line.

Virginia. Use it in your home. This was the latest version of what I-64/US 60 looked like entering Virginia.

Amazing low clouds on I-64 near Covington, Va. Google Maps maked a funny when I tried locating this photo. I noticed the map actually labeled the Burger King, "Fast-food chain for grilled burgers." Really??? Gee, I had no idea what Burger King was until now!

I think this is a view of what is usually the eastbound side of I-64 over the Maury River. I think eastbound traffic had been moved to the westbound side because of construction.

I believe with all my might that this is US 60 curving over the Blue Ridge. I may have gotten a photo like this once years earlier. If so, bip.

As we cross the James River on US 60, we look over and see the columns for the old bridge, which was razed in the 1960s or 1970s.

VA 26 had some of these signs that looked sort of like the Life-and-Breath Sign.

VA 47 goes under a twin rail bridge in Pamplin, Va.

The 1973 Pepsi logo lives. And not in the toilet.

A minor road in southern Virginia. I have no idea exactly where.


Entering North Carolina on I-95!

FINALLY!!!!! I'd been trying to get a North Carolina BURN HEADLIGHTS for years!

NC 46 at US 301 in Garysburg, N.C. The road ahead had been closed for years.

US 301 goes under a rail line and another road in Garysburg. The street at right goes up to the road that goes over US 301.

NC 305 at US 258 in the heart of Rich Square, N.C. (a town that ironically has a perfectly round boundary). The aftermath of a demolished building is at left.

As US 17 goes over the Heuse River, we look over to the sparkling lights of New Bern, N.C.

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