Aug. 13-16 2011

This is in Fullerton, Neb. Notice the big hole in the road.

Heading west into Wolbach on NE 22.

NE 22 runs into US 281 west of Wolbach. An unpaved road continues straight ahead.

This shows the status of some minor roads west of Wolbach.

NE 22 between Wolbach and Scotia. (Is this also US 281?)

NE 22 near Scotia. Why does this road have that curve? I think it's just another illusion (to use Doug Henning's favorite word again)! I suspect this illusion is created by the high visibility on this road.

I'm taking a wild guess that this is north on US 183 near Rose, Neb. US 183 from Taylor to Rose has been said to be the last U.S. route to be paved, which occurred in 1967. I've been told that Mississippi still had an unpaved U.S. route in the 1990s, but that may have just been during a construction project.

I have no idea what this is. It could be US 20/183 near Bassett.

This is a road at Long Pine State Recreation Area with the Tim Tent in the foreground! Long Pine is just a little area with some campsites and a hiking trail. Camping here is very inexpensive lodging if you don't mind being a bit of an outdoorsperson.

I think this is US 183 near Springview, with a column of rain coming down at left. US 183 between US 20 and the current NE 7 used to be NE 7; the current NE 7 was US 183.

Probably US 183 again.

NE 12 near Springview.

This has to be NE 12 near the Keya Paha/Cherry county line. Keya Paha is pronounced "kip-uh-haw" (making it one of few phrases where a syllable straddles 2 words). Cherry County is known for its inordinately large geographic size - being larger than the whole state of Connecticut.

A gravel road to an overlook several miles northeast of Valentine, Neb.

The overlook affords us this view of the Niobrara River. Note the canyon on the left.

Another amazing view of the prairies along the Niobrara.

NE 12 (which had been flat up to here) descends suddenly. I guess that's the Niobrara in the background.

NE 12 ends here in Valentine. Waaah!

A video of US 83 entering South Dakota at Rosebud Indian Reservation. The radio station is KOYA-FM in Rosebud, S.D.

Going back south on US 83 in South Dakota.

The Bunk House! Hahaha! US 83 joins US 20 in Valentine, Neb.

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