June 13-18 2014

Another view of the Memorial Bridge in Springfield, Mass.

Northwest on Columbus Avenue in Springfield. This is like a frontage road for I-91 (which parallels the Connecticut River here). The ramp on the left goes up to the Interstate.

In this video, we log another state: Vermont! We're going north on I-91.

From I-91 in Brattleboro, Vt., this is a view of VT 30 along the West River. In 2008, the town of Brattleboro indicted George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and directed police to arrest them if they ever showed up in town. It's also one of the first towns to adopt Fairtrade certification.

This ramp off I-91 in Brattleboro approaches a roundabout where we intersect US 5 and VT 9.

We cross into New Hampshire, but this isn't just another state line video. No sirree! After going through the roundabout again, we cross under a rail bridge and are then confronted by an interesting bridge over the Connecticut River. VT 9 becomes NH 9 at the state line there. The span - known as the United States Navy Seabees Bridge - was built in 2003. It replaces the similar 1937 bridge just to the right of it: the Justice Harlan Fiske Stone Bridge, which remains open for pedestrians and bikes.

NH 9, NH 10, and NH 12 use this 2-lane freeway bypass here in Keene, N.H. The long bridge here appears to be for a hiking and biking trail. Keene is a stronghold of the Free State Project - which doesn't offend me too much, as long as they're against unconstitutional "right-to-work" laws, which is the true liberty position.

NH 9 near South Stoddard, N.H.

Remember Dayton Pike in the 1970s? Now imagine what it would be like if it was unpaved, and you've got Old North Branch Road in Antrim, N.H. We were detoured here due to a closure on NH 9.

Continuing north on Old North Branch Road.

As Old North Branch Road takes us back to NH 9, this really reminds me of the end of Dayton Pike. The resemblance is uncanny!

Northwest on NH 31 in Hillsborough. At right is the Franklin Pierce Homestead.

This house was Franklin Pierce's childhood home. Pierce was a broken man throughout his presidency.

Southeast on NH 31 in front of the Pierce Homestead. Also, for those unfamiliar with New Hamster state route signs, the signs depict an outline of the Old Man of the Mountain, a rock formation that collapsed in 2003.

Another view of the 14th President's boyhood home.

NH 13 uses South Street in the state capital of Concord.

Continuing north on South Street. I was struggling a bit as I was discovering a new Purple People Cam feature.

US 202/NH 9 uses Pleasant Street.

We pick up US 3 as we go north on Main.

North on Main. We're already on US 202, so the junction sign for it is redundant. More importantly, I have no idea why I-393 was built. This spur from I-93 is under 5 miles long and doesn't really go anywhere from here. It has existed since around 1979.

A view of Concord, probably from I-393. The building with the gold dome is the New Hampshire State House (the state capitol).

Fort Eddy Road in Concord.

It's the clink, the pokey, the slammer, the hoosegow! This is US 3 (State Street) in Concord. The building on the left is the New Hampshire State Prison for Men, opened in 1878.

West on Park Street next to the New Hampshire State House. The state capitol building dates from the 1810s. It houses the state legislature, which includes the largest state legislative chamber in America: the New Hampshire House of Representatives, with 400 members, many from tiny districts.

South on Main through downtown Concord.

South on NH 3A in Bow, N.H. NH 3A is a lettered alternate for US 3 that follows the Merrimack River. Right here is the southern end of I-89.

The 1963 Texaco logo lives - though this location doesn't appear to still be an active gas station. This is on NH 3A in Hooksett, N.H. Texaco figures prominently in a line in the time-honored "Diarrhea Song" about Montezuma's revenge.

Sine rot figures prominently in this photo. This is NH 3A approaching I-93 in Hooksett.

Construction on I-93 near the Massachusetts line.

In this video, we reenter Massachusetts on I-93! Woo-hoo! And to think that this road trip still has 2 huge metropolitan areas coming up that will be covered extensively.

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