June 13-18 2014

West inside the Allegheny Mountain Tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Pretty sure this is the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Somerset, Pa.

East on US 30 near Stoystown, Pa.

US 30 goes under this road overpass near Stoystown.

I have no idea where this is. That school crossing sign is so old that it's faded. Maybe it's for Brossart and is supposed to represent the fading prospects that go along with it.

West on US 30 between Jennerstown and Laughlintown, Pa.

US 30 gets a bit of a median here, but it doesn't last long.

US 30 is undivided again.

US 30 again. I think this is the part near Ligonier, Pa., that features Loyalhanna Creek in the median. There was a traffic jam here caused by a truck driving around in the road for no apparent reason.

US 30 at PA 217. They've demolished the PA 217 bridge over the creek in the median, and they appear to be building a new one.

Looking north on PA 981 towards Latrobe, Pa. Latrobe is the hometown of Arnold Palmer and Mister Rogers.

US 30 again. That speed limit sign looks old enough to join the Tea Party. Well, maybe not the Tea Party, but possibly the KISS Army.

I think this is the US 30 freeway bypass around Greensburg, Pa. That billboard has a toilet on it.

I-70 in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The Belle Vernon Bridge takes I-70 across the Monongahela River. It opened in 1951 as part of PA 71. The bridge it replaced was demolished by explosives in 1955, injuring 3 people and sending a rock through the roof of a house. The bridge to the right of the Belle Vernon Bridge is the Speers Railroad Bridge.

A view of the Speers Railroad Bridge from the Belle Vernon Bridge.

The west approach of the Speers Railroad Bridge goes over some ramps off I-70.

This highway overpass has an interesting pipe along it.

On I-70 near Wheeling, W.Va., why does this Cabela's superstore get its own exit and its own water tower?

Time to capture that Wheeling feeling! This is a list of Wheeling exits including Oglebay Park. Not Oggle-Beep, but Oglebay.

I-70 has this exit to the US 250/WV 2 freeway just before the Wheeling Tunnel. We pick up US 250/WV 2 through the tunnel.

The Wheeling Tunnel opened in 1966. It goes right under a residential neighborhood.

Inside the Wheeling Tunnel.

As we cross the Ohio River on I-70/US 40/US 250, this bridge takes us to Wheeling Island, a part of the city of Wheeling that splits the river. The span is called the Fort Henry Bridge and opened in 1955.

About where we cross into Ohio, this is looking back at the Fort Henry Bridge.

This frustrated many. Traffic was completely stopped on I-70 east of New Concord, Ohio (hometown of John Glenn). So we used this instead: US 22/40. But traffic was at a crawl there too - because of construction over on OH 83. But no bother! The next couple photos show how we got around it.

Narrow little Liberty Street runs south out of New Concord back towards I-70. We found it and left everyone else back in the dust! It's a brick-paved street that uses a one-lane wooden bridge over a rail line. And it got us out of the traffic jam right quick. I guess they call it Liberty Street because it liberated us!

Going back down the wooden bridge on Liberty Street.

Hell is real - and they call it Brossart. This is on I-71 as you head southwest out of Columbus towards Cincinnati.

That was the last photo of the trip!!!

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