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This was another period when road photos piled up like poo logs - with no place to put them for months.

2/22 - Yes, the Peace Bike had a Scholaring in February - as minor as it was. I made it just into Newport; everything past that was impassable. From the path atop the floodwall, this is looking southeast on Park Avenue in Newport. The intersection with KY 8 (Dave Cowens Drive) is in the foreground. Looking up Park Avenue, you can see where the ramp from southbound I-471 empties itself. A traffic island keeps the ramp from emptying straight onto 3rd. Removal of the traffic island would relieve congestion on KY 8, but residents of gentrified homes oppose this, so it doesn't occur. Right off that ramp is also where that enormous Matt Bevin sign appeared during the 2015 campaign - bringing big laughs but even bigger embarrassment.





That's a funny one!

This is southwest on KY 8 (Fairfield Avenue) in Bellevue. A small part of Riverboat Row up ahead was closed, and the electronic sign told people to use Port of Entry - the aforementioned Park Avenue. Haha. No. As a bicyclist, I cut through the Comfort Inn driveway. I'm not biking on that stretch KY 8 when I don't have to. Even motorists didn't have to go all the way to Port of Entry: They could just use the unnamed street that Google doesn't show across from Beech Street. The unnamed street would have provided much quicker access to, say, Don Pablo's. See, kids, your Uncle Tim showed you something the highway department didn't want you to know!

4/6 - These 2 photos mark my annual peepage of the Reds' Opening Day parade in downtown Cincinnati. The first picture features Reds greats Randy Myers, Norm Charlton, and Rob Dibble in the bed of the truck. The second includes local radio legend Jim Scott waving to the crowd. (He's from back in the days when people still listened to radio.)

Back to roads! This is north on Sycamore at 7th. A 1950s-era sign blade survived.

North on Sycamore on 9th. This shows another of those amazing antique sign blades.

Wow, the things you find if you know where to look! This path poops south off 9th and through a parking lot surrounded by Cincinnati City Hall. Here the path goes under part of the building. The path appears to be one-way south.

Continuing on the path. Up ahead, it goes under another part of City Hall.

5/23 - I was in a car with some peeps when I took this photo. I'm lucky I brang the Purple People Cam along that day! I was checking up on the long-decaying I-71 state name shield at 4th & Philadelphia in Covington. Now the arrow below it has been engulfed by sine rot.

5/24 - Back in downtown Cincinnati! I was there for Taste of Cincinnati, and this is at 5th & Sentinel, looking east where 5th forms the viaduct to Columbia Parkway. The sign blades here are also of a retired vintage, possibly 1970s.

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