Apr. 1 2010

Like the previous day's event, this was an unremarkable Roads Scholaring, but it did yield some usable exhibits. Some of these photos look a little off-kilter because I just pressed the button on the camera while it was mounted on the Peace Bike, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...

Let's start on Newport's west side. This is southwest on Phillips Alley from Central Avenue.

Brighten your day with Brighton Street! This is southeast on Brighton at 10th. Note the pair of shoes hanging from the utility wires. It reminds me of the 1970s opening theme of Sesame Street in which shoes hung from streetlights.

Southwest on Solar Alley from Brighton. This alley ends at the pair of posts up ahead - before Lowell Street.

Now we're in Covington, going south on this alley from 13th. This is the alley that lies midway between Maryland Avenue and Wheeler Street.

Approaching Byrd Street on the same alley.

The same alley, approaching the rail bridge at 15th (the same span that runs near the Newport/Wilder line). The telephone pole has an ancient, rusted warning sign of some sort, but this was the best photo I could get of it.

Same alley, same rail bridge!

In Covington's Latonia section, this is east on 33rd, crossing the track near Winchester Street.

I'd say this is the end of 33rd, with the Licking River behind it. I used to think those diamond signs with reflectors were somewhat disturbing - like a person trying to say something important but being unable to.

This has to be south on Winchester from 33rd.

South on Lincoln Avenue, approaching 35th.

East on the rail crossing near 35th & Lincoln.

East on Grant Court.

South on Glenn Avenue, approaching Southern.

Luckily, the streets in this photo set are getting more obscure - and therefore fresher to longtime viewers of this website! This has to be east on the tiny stretch of 38th off Glenn.

The east end of another stretch of 38th - this one off Tracy Avenue. The pond behind the fence is at Twin Oaks Golf Course. In the background is the rock blast for KY 9 near Johns Hill Road in Wilder.

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