June 28 2015

Continuing my streak of at least one Roads Scholaring per month! However, I did cut this Peace Bike outing short because the neighbors called and wanted me to run some errands for them. This is also the first time I ever took my handheld GPS out on the Peace Bike.

Northeast on 8th at Liberty Street in Newport. The interesting thing here is that the sign blade now mentions Liberty Street being renamed from German Street during World War I. On the other hand, serif fonts and street signs are not a good combination.

Northwest on Liberty. This stretch was brick.

Alleys. They're the people's roads! This is southwest on Surran Alley from Central.

Surran approaching Liberty.

Surran approaching Isabella Street. Surran becomes Brieth Alley at Isabella.

Brieth past Isabella.

Brieth at Brighton. The orange construction sign must refer to the looming extension of KY 9, which will be built along Lowell Street up ahead.

Northwest on Lowell. The (admittedly unpopular) KY 9 relocation will be in this path. Up ahead is right where the area's last known yellow stop sign was until the mid-2000s. A building filled much of the vacant space ahead until not long before this outing.

I finally investigated this! This is southeast on Brighton past 12th.

Southwest at the end of Fitzsimmons Street. I wanted to see if I could forge a path ahead to KY 9, along where Fitzsimmons apparently used to continue. It's doable.

East on 13th in Covington!

Continuing on 13th, it trailed off into brick.

This nameless road runs south off the end of 13th.

Continuing on the nameless street.

South on the alley that becomes Wheeler Alley up ahead (not to be confused with nearby Wheeler Street). We go under the long rail bridge that also goes over the Licking River.

Yet another road of the people! This is the brick alley halfway between Oliver Street and Patton Street.

South on Eastern Avenue at Durrett Street. Particularly amusing is that strange font on the speed limit sign.

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