Sep. 27 2018

We continue our intensive study of the big KY 8 renumbering (which is more important than anything intensely studied at Brossart, that's for sure), but we also focus on the endangered Pershing Avenue in Covington!

This is of course Dave Cowens Drive in Newport. A couple new things here: First, there's yet another new luxury apartment development. Second, KY 8 has of course been redesignated to Biz KY 8, as you can plainly see.

Pershing Avenue in Covington was once Bremen Street. (Another World War I renaming?)

Continuing on Pershing.

Looking the other way on Pershing, we get to see a target of the gentrification invaders. The first 2 houses on the left are historic homes. A developer proposed tearing them down to build (surprise!) luxury townhomes in their place. The developer told River City News, "If I had my way, I would tear down the whole street." The luxury housing was opposed by local residents, and Covington City Commission voted unanimously to reject the new homes. But the city's urban design review board not only overruled this vote but also allowed the developer to defy the zoning code by making the townhouses too tall. What's the point of having zoning rules if developers can just break them?

This alley (a people's road) runs south off 4th east of Philadelphia Street.

On 7th at Craig. This is another example of Covington's signature stop sign font of the 2000s.

Back in Newport, this is west on 5th at Patterson. The Veterans Memorial Bridge is at right. The new KY 9 is way, way in the background. Until not long before, public housing had lined both sides of the street. It was torn down even though - as you can clearly see - it was not in the way of KY 9.

On 3rd at Washington, the new Biz KY 8 markers were coming into view.

On the familiar Dave Cowens Drive, this is another new sign for the Bizzer.

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