Dec. 14 2009

What started out as a blah day improved somewhat, but still this was a very minor Roads Scholaring with the Peace Bike...

This Cops parody includes the sounds of a police radio laid over the video of the ol' bikey zipping along various streets and alleys. We start off southwest on Ader Alley, and just before Park Avenue, the alley goes under some sort of covering that sticks out from a church. This movie ends at 7th & York.

Southeast from 9th & Overton, Vastine Alley is straight ahead after a very slight stagger.

Continuing on Vastine at 10th. The alley ends just ahead, just before the rail line.

They demolished a beautiful neighborhood for this??? This is north from Grand Avenue and Carothers Road on the newly opened Pavilion Parkway - which serves the Newport Pavilion shopping center. This is the development for which Newport abused eminent domain to drive out hundreds of working-class residents and turn their homes over to the developer. Pavilion Parkway is more or less an old part of Grand Avenue, with some revisions. Notice that the sidewalk ends here - a deliberate attempt to make Newport Pavilion hard to access on foot or by bike. I-471 runs across the background.

South on Pavilion Parkway from where the sidewalk ends. Incidentally, this road had a sidewalk the whole way back when it was Grand Avenue. So the net outcome is that the sidewalk was removed from most of the road. Talk about moving backwards!

From Pavilion Parkway, we're zooming in on what's now the end of Vine Street to the west.

This hill had to have its face blasted off to build the shopping center.

If there was any trace of Spooky Hollow remaining when work started on Newport Pavilion (which I doubt), I'm almost sure it's obliterated now. This is looking south near the north end of the intentionally pedestrian-unfriendly Pavilion Parkway. It's not known if this ever was KY 1892 back when this was Grand Avenue - but some 1970s-era maps did mark it as such. The freeway paralleling this road on the left is of course I-471.

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