NEWPORT KY and more!
Mar. 31 • May 6 • Sep. 15 2014

Ba-de-ya! Dancin' in September!

This bippus-bustin' batch of road photos focuses on a minor Roads Scholaring in Newport, but it also has a few bonus items from earlier in the year. We're gonna start with the September Scholaring instead of the earlier events...

9/15 - This is southwest on 6th at Brighton in Newport. This is interesting because the view up ahead is gonna change - and not for the better. Sixth Street used to meet Lowell Street at what is now the dead end up ahead, and soon they're going to build the unasked-for KY 9 extension there.

Back northeast on 6th. You know they're trying to think of a way to demolish this, but I think this scene is safe from the KY 9 extension.

Nope. I was wrong. A 2019 Google photo shows those homes are gone too. No particular reason. Just because.

Brighten your day with Brighton Street! This is southeast on Brighton.

Southwest on 9th approaching Lowell Street. The intersection ahead is the current end of Lowell, but the plan is for KY 9 to be extended along Lowell and then past that junction.

Southeast on Lowell. This will become KY 9, unfortunately. Up ahead, the street goes under the Licking Valley Girl Scouts Bridge.

Continuing on the endangered Lowell.

Northeast on Gosney Alley.

Brighton at 12th (which was KY 9 at the time of this photo). Brighton continues straight ahead to Fitzsimmons Street, but that block is more industrial and widely ignored.

An old, faded, unreadable sign on Overlook Drive. A remnant of an America that once was!

Here we're on the 1959 bridge on Licking Pike (KY 9) over the rail line at the Newport/Wilder city limits. The bald area to the left of the rail line straight ahead is about where an earlier bridge was. If you look very closely, there's something in the woods that might actually be part of the pre-1959 span.

Licking Pike ends here, and KY 9 turns right onto 12th. Straight ahead is Lowell Street, where the KY 9 rerouting will run. Up ahead, Lowell goes under the Licking Valley Girl Scouts Bridge.

3/31 - This is the first of 3 bonus photos from that spring's Reds Opening Day parade in downtown Cincinnati. Baseball legend Dave Concepción was the grand marshal, and this sign in the parade shows him in action. Also, the person in front of me is not bubbling. That's just an illusion created by the bill of the pink hat of another person in front.

It's Mr. Concepción himself, waving to the crowd! Concepción's presence brang back a fond memory of the 1988 Reds season. That was when Concepción became so angry during a game in San Francisco that he uprooted first base and threw it. Concepción later said of his own tantrum, "I think a lot of people enjoyed it. I think a lot of people think it was a classic."

At 5th & Walnut downtown, a truck that advertised hot air balloon rides expelled a fireball into the air.

5/6 - An extra from Dayton, Ky. From the floodwall, this is a view of 2nd & Berry. That speed limit sign has seen better days.

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