Jan. 14 2016

This looks like another Ice Bowl, but actually it was another Pain Bowl. I could barely make it to the southern half of Newport. I was being mashed down literally.

Northeast on Grandview Avenue at McHenry. The sign blades at left are of Newport's no-frills 1970s-era variety, but they beat the new serif font signs hands-down.

A video! A few of you refuse to watch my videos, because you're afraid it might overload your Kindle, but you gotta see this! This is going down Grandview and all the way across the Berning-Jordan Bridge to 12th. This clip has a few jumpy sections where I was riding the brakes, but overall it's smooth as milk.

Southwest on 9th at John. But what I was really aiming for was this...

We focus on what appears to be an apartment building on the corner. The building still bears one of those ancient purple sign blades.

Backtracking a bit further southwest on 9th. Notice the cat slinking towards us.

Brick-paved John Street from 9th. This street used to continue straight ahead for many blocks. Old maps show it even once crossed the railroad and ran all the way to 14th. Now it ends at the newer City Hall up ahead and exists only in bits and pieces beyond that.

Sixth Street becomes Donnermeyer Drive entering Bellevue. This is under I-471. What you see here is a tollgate. It could just be a replica, but a small sign implied that it was an actual 19th century tollgate that was once used at 6th & Oak, a few blocks behind us. Maybe this is what Bellevue needs to stop the construction trucks that squeak their brakes in the middle of the night.

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