Jan. 26 2018

If you're low on energy and can't bike very far, Newport is usually a good Roads Scholaring option. This Road Ruiner outing took place the day after I broke my finger.

"When they begin the bike route...It brings back the sound of music so tender..." This is southwest on KY 8 heading from Bellevue into Newport. This newly established bike route is nothing special. It's what most societies call a sidewalk.

The designated bike route ends just a few blocks away at Park Avenue. Big wow.

A sign showing the state line was added to the celebrated Purple People Bridge.

A blow-up of the aforementioned sign.

The roundabout at the approach to US 27's Taylor-Southgate Bridge was complete. Unasked-for? Yes. Wasteful? Certainly. A bad way to spend tax money in a state where crushing poverty continues to grow and where teachers' pensions were illegally slashed? You bet your bizcream!

On the bridge, looking towards the new roundie.

In this video, we start at the aforementioned roundabout, and we go southwest on a rebuilt 3rd Street - which will be part of a rerouted KY 8 that came with the KY 9 extension. After the first block, it continues as a whole new road. The new stretch appears to have 2 lanes in the middle, but with separate frontage lanes on each side. Every new road has to look like an Interstate, I guess. There's another new roundabout at 5th.

Northwest on Central at 4th (KY 8 west). This is the north end of the old KY 9. Continuing on Central, it hits the frontage for the new KY 8 in the background.

The other way on Central, approaching 5th, which has long been KY 8 east. This photo shows you can now go west on 5th. I don't know if that's permanent.

Continuing on Central at Chestnut.

Northeast on James Alley from Central.

Looking up Patterson from 9th.

We again examine 9th approaching Lowell. But this time, it's different - because the building on the right had been demolished.

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