Mar. 18 2010

Southgate is a small city south of Newport that - oddly - was overlooked by this website until this photo set. That means this Peace Bike adventure couldn't help but be the productive event we have a right to expect!

We start off looking southeast on Grand Avenue (KY 1892) in Newport. This road was rebuilt here in the late 1970s to make way for I-471. The overpass ahead is the ramp from I-471 north to Grand northwest. But the real reason I stopped here was...

I received tons of requests for this - all because it's a state name shield. This is a close-up of the I-471 marker in the previous photo. A lot of people think an Interstate sign is so much cooler and awesomer if it has a state name. (Just like how everyone thinks people are funnier if they have huge strands of bubble gum stuck to their nose, I guess.)

Peep the embossed signy oldness! This is northwest from Fort Thomas into Southgate, as Washington Avenue picks up Joyce Avenue. The ancient yellow sign was one of several like that I saw throughout Southgate.

This clip starts off reentering Newport on Joyce Avenue and going west on New Linden Road (the former Frances Road). We end up in Southgate on Dexter Road. (Aaaaaawww! Dexter! What a nice dog!) I disobeyed the Allowed Cloud against thru traffic - but this also entrapped me into going the wrong way on a one-way stretch of Dexter that lacked a sidewalk. The clip ends as we approach US 27.

This sign had stood since at least the 1970s, and it shows. Alexandria Pike is of course US 27. The sign was finally replaced later in 2010.

Gonna rock down to Electric Avenue! This is southeast on Electric Avenue at Walnut Street - at what may be the business center of Southgate.

Southwest on Walnut - getting closer to the highlight of this outing, which is still a few photos away.

Zeroing in on this old, old, old ONE WAY sign at Walnut & Maple.

Yes, Southgate has alleys. This is looking southeast on an alley off Walnut.

Continuing southeast from Walnut.

Southwest on another alley. This could easily be in Covington, no?

A view of Walnut Street from Southgate Community Park.

A trail from the park leads to this hidden gem. This secluded lake straddles the Southgate/Wilder line.

This photo shows the real high point of the day. This clearing east of the lake is in fact the abandoned Waterworks Road, which once ran from Moock Road to Licking Pike.

Looking northwest along a set of power lines that runs towards where Waterworks Road's northwest end was. The narrow creek flows from the aforementioned lake to along Moock Road to Threemile Creek to the Licking River. Meanwhile, abandoned Waterworks Road continues southeast past what appeared to be a tiny farm on its way to Moock Road.

It wasn't until I got here that it dawned on me that I had taken abandoned Waterworks Road to get here - and that it was a stretch that I'd been trying to find for decades. This photo is east on Moock Road (KY 1632), from the end of old Waterworks.

Heading back on the long-abandoned Waterworks Road. Though there's no road here now, there very clearly was a road here in a 1956 aerial photo.

This lake at Southgate Community Park is a popular fishing hole. It flows into a creek that runs to the lake discussed earlier. Another lake once flowed into this lake, but that lake was eliminated to build the park's ballfield. Together with that lake, this lake once composed Belle Acres Twin Lakes.

Still in Southgate, we're looking northwest on Orchard Street from Evergreen Drive. Note the sign that says "RESIDENT TRAFFIC ONLY; STREET CLOSED." Well, I fooled them. The street ends at a school parking lot and sprouts a brief walkway to US 27. And I went right on through!

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