June 13 2011

This turned out to be a not horribly bad Roads Scholaring with the Peace Bike (despite slipping on one of the rails embedded in Lowell Street)...

Southwest at 11th & Central in Newport. The street ahead is 11th, which carries KY 1120 here. Note that there's a Y-96 sticker (of all things) stuck to the pedestrian signal. That station really fell like a boulder, didn't it?

Northwest on Isabella Street in Newport, with Cincinnati in the background. There's a furry little kitten playing along the curb at lower left.

Remember what bad shape Overlook Drive in Newport was in back in 2008? Well, it's worse now.

Overlook gruelingly curves up the hill from KY 9. I have peeps who flat-out refused to drive on this road in 2006 because of its condition, so just think what it was like 5 years later.

This video starts on Observation Avenue and goes downhill on the crumbling Overlook Drive. At 2:59, we're looking up Hillside Drive. Consider Hillside abandoned - though apparently only recently. The clip then continues down Overlook. The bridge you see at 3:30 is the KY 9 span over the rail line.

Queen City Avenue in Wilder is in even badder condition than it was last time I was here. It was already mostly abandoned, and now it's just completely deteriorating. But I only say that about roads I love!

The command state comes to Wilder. The device attached to the left side of this telephone pole along KY 9 at Queen City Avenue appears to be some sort of spy camera.

I defied the surveillance cam by reexamining Queen City Avenue!

Finally got a close-up of this ancient railroad crossing sign! This is one of the crossbucks at the crossing at the end of Queen City. You can tell this is old - and I mean ooold - because it appears to use that pre-1950s squarish font.

The crossing in question. The old crossbuck in the previous photo is peeping up from behind the train parked on the track.

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