CINCINNATI at night!
Nov. 19 2020

In late 2020, nighttime was the right time for Roads Scholaring in the Buckeye State! And this was a wild night in the 'Nati! Folks congregated outside convenience stores and I was getting all the ladies! I was out until almost midnight! Best all, it was World Toilet Day.

East on Elsinore Place over I-71. The castle-like structure is maintained by the waterworks but is often associated with the neighboring studio of (brrring!) Channel 9, which occupies the former Natural History Museum site. The castle was once a waterworks valve house.

The US 22/OH 3 markers reveal this to be Gilbert Avenue, and this is at McMillan. Cars packed with revelers were zooming up the road! This is approaching where a woman smiled approvingly at me as I breezed by!

I'm not sure where this is, because I couldn't find anything on Google Street View that closely resembled this. My best guess is that it's west on MLK about where it goes over I-71.

This appears to be south on Vine at Inwood Park.

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