June 27 June 28 2012

I've doubled up on this batch of road photos, and it goes as far as Carroll County (which on its own would be in the out-of-town column).

6/27 - This kicks off an automotive outing to Carrollton. This is southwest on KY 338 in Boone County.

KY 338 approaches Chambers Lane (KY 2951).

KY 338 uses US 42/127 here near the village of Beaverlick. Up ahead, at the junction with KY 1292, we lose KY 338.

Still in Boone County, development on US 42 thins out. In the 1920s, KY 10 included most of the current US 42 from Louisville to Covington (in addition to the route east of Newport).

US 42 in Warsaw, the seat of Gallatin County. By now, we've lost US 127. Though the shoulder is not a dedicated bike lane, Warsaw seems to be more on the ball regarding bike accessibility than most of the region. (Remember, this was the closest county to Cincinnati that Michael Dukakis won.)

US 42 with the Markland Dam bridge in the background.

Markland Dam is a structure across the Ohio River that was completed in 1963. However, the accompanying bridge to Indiana wasn't opened until 1977.

US 42 goes under the bridge at Markland Dam. The span was once KY 1188 and used to end here in a "Kentucky loop." In 2007, it was absorbed by the newly built KY 1039. When the bridge enters Indiana, it becomes IN 101 - a separate IN 101 from the one further north.

A steel mill along US 42 near the Gallatin/Carroll county line.

US 42 goes under some structure that links the mill.

US 42 at KY 47 in Ghent (pronounced "jent"). If this is a detour for US 421, the outage of the US 421 bridge must be devastating.

South on KY 47 in Ghent. The white sign for Sanders and Owenton is showing its age.

Crossing a rail line at the edge of Ghent on KY 47.

KY 47 uses Main Cross Street into Ghent, but Main Cross is unnumbered here. The street runs to the Ohio River. In the background is Vevay, Ind. Up ahead, Main Cross had a ferry to Vevay until Markland Dam got its bridge.

One of the roadly prizes of this outing is Davis Street in Ghent.

Southeast on KY 227 in Carrollton. It was US 227 until 1972.

Gen. Butler State Park Road - at the park of the same name. We cross a small earthen dam that forms the lake.

A Campbell County exhibit: This shows the unasked-for construction mess going north on I-471 approaching US 27 in Southgate. The exit to US 27 was closed.

The exit from I-471 to Grand Avenue was open - barely.

6/28 - The Peace Bike and I braved record-smashing heat of 104 F to catch this gem that had been right under my nose for years. This is southeast on Berry Avenue in Bellevue. Notice the rail bridge has a faded clearance sign that probably dates from 1931 when the span was built.

Northwest on Berry under the bridge. This side also has a faded clearance sign. I don't know why it took me so long to notice it.

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