Oct. 2005

These photos taken in Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania are from what I call my Magical Mystery Tour - so named because a booger of mysterious origin that seemed to magically expand slimed its way onto a computer-generated map we brang along. I'm somewhat misappointed with the quality of these snapshots, but it was cloudy outside and I took these pics from inside the car, so what do you expect?

Pittsfield, MA.

Here we're in Vermont, along VT 125 approaching the New York line.

Continuing on VT 125, as avian poo-poo mars the windshield.

VT 125 again!

Yet another view from VT 125.

We're finally at the bridge that crosses Lake Champlain into New York. Notice the weird lightposts along the road.

From the bridge, this is Lake Champlain.

Lake Champlain as seen from the New York side.

Erie, PA.

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