Apr. 26-28 2021

Here we're leaving Thurmond by continuing on the one-lane bridge over the New River.

Thurmond Road slinks away from the town.

One of the several rail crossings on Thurmond Road.

North on US 19's famous New River Gorge Bridge.

The road to Babcock State Park. I called it the "balance beam." You'll see why.

I called it the "balance beam" because the pavement was very narrow and was raised slightly. It was so narrow we could barely keep the car on it.

This path of danger continues.

The Tim Tent conquers Babcock State Park! Both nights I camped here, numerous LAP bunker blasts wafted my way from other campsites.

Dan Hill! Like the "Sometimes When We Touch" guy! I'm not sure what road this is, but it could be WV 41, which also once had US 19 through here.

This could be Babcock Road.

This is Glade Creek Grist Mill, a 1976 replica of an earlier mill in this area. This is still a functioning mill. Grist mills are known for the expression "grist for one's mill", used in statements like, "Don't bring up the Panama Canal Treaty. It's just grist for Cousin Filbert's mill."

This bridge crosses Glade Creek at the mill.

Old Sewell Road at the mill.

WV 20 under I-64.

WV 20 at Sandstone Falls.

A view of Sandstone Falls, which graces the New River. The road paralleling the other side of the river is CR 26.

WV 20 continues along the New River.

WV 20 has this one-way split that takes us southwest on Summers Street in Hinton. Some woman was walking around town chewin' bubble gum! She didn't bubble. But she was chewin' bubble gum!

WV 20 crosses the New River in Hinton.

CR 26 follows the New River.

This boardwalk at Sandstone Falls is like a people's road. When I visited the boardwalk in Ocean City, Md., in September 2020, a woman smiled at me as she emerged from a shop, but this boardwalk is different from a beach boardwalk.

A good view of Sandstone Falls.

Sandstone Falls again! Can't you just taste the clean mountain air and hear the New River bubbling peacefully?

"Under the boardwalk...We'll be chewin' some gum..." This is a view of that cool boardwalk bridge!

The airy breezes of Sandstone Falls continue to be freely breathed.

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