Apr. 26-28 2021

Yet another view of Sandstone Falls. I've read in many sources that the New River is North America's oldest river, but it's hard to say how any river can be older than any other rivers.

As we pull away from Sandstone Falls, that stop sign has seen less ruined days.

CR 26 along the New River. The bridge we see is the WV 20 span back to Hinton.

Here we're on the WV 20 bridge.

WV 20 uses one-way Temple Street northeast through Hinton.

The 1962 Pepsi logo lives! This is Temple at 12th.

Looking up a side street, possibly 14th.

WV 20 approaches I-64.

We know this is at Grandview, which offers some of the best park scenery, but I was chomping at the bit so much over an exhibit that was still forthcoming that I have little recollection of this.

A view of the New River at Grandview. A railroad parallels it. A sign said we're at the highest point in the park.

I have no idea where this is.

Coulter! Like Ann Coulter!

Southeast on Court Street (WV 16) in Fayetteville.

Court at Wiseman.

"Think. Do. Be." This is a row of buildings in downtown Fayetteville.

Another mystery road.

One has to surmise that the scenes through here are near Kaymoor, also written as Kay Moor. Kaymoor is a ghost town and the site of an old coal mine. The town was abandoned by 1952.

Pzt! Papp! Challenge! As we appear to roam the hills 900 feet above Kaymoor, we should talk about how much of a challenge life in Kaymoor was. Workers had to travel back and forth from the mine using a tram. There was once a deadly accident when the cable broke.

If we turn right, we'll be barreling clean into the greatest road feature of the whole trip. But apparently we backtracked a bit when we got here.

A mandatory Sesame Street reference as we cross Oscar White Road.

This launches the main road feature of this trip! This has to be CR 82, the road that was bypassed by the New River Gorge Bridge.

This is the road where the bridge cut 45 minutes off the travel time for local traffic. Now most of the road is one-way.

As the road winds further into the valley, our visit to this road was anything except dull.

CR 82 continues.

You had to be there to fully appreciate it (no "Zoom in a room" for us), but it gets even better in the next part! Just you watch!

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