Apr. 26-28 2021

Continuing on CR 82, the picturesque and isolated old road bypassed by the New River Gorge Bridge. CR 82 is also known as Fayette Station Road.

As you imagine the sound of a car's motor winding through here, you can see the New River Gorge Bridge. This road passes under the bridge 3 times.

One of the places where we go under the bridge.

No road here. Rather, this is one of the overlooks on the hills above where you can view the bridge.

CR 82 continues.

The one-way stretch begins here, so you know it's getting good!

It appears that two-way traffic resumes for a quarter-mile. The bridge is overhead in the background.

We go under the bridge again.

CR 82 experiences a railroad crossing.

The Tunney Hunsaker Bridge, named for a boxer and police chief. This one-lane span carries CR 82 across the New River and opened in 1889. It was actually closed from 1977-97 because of deterioration.

Here we're getting on the bridge.

The New River Gorge Bridge again looms above.

This is probably along Wolf Creek where CR 82 goes under a rail bridge.

You guessed it! CR 82 continues some more!

CR 82 again goes under the New River Gorge Bridge.

A view of the big bridge.

And another. It's also important that while CR 82 thrice goes under the bridge, there's a fourth spot where it gets very close to it.

An uusual view of the bridge's underside.

I think this is at a shopping center in Fayetteville. The stop sign appeared to be one of the oldest and most ruinated I'd seen in years, and that's why I have a photo.

Northwest on US 60 in Gauley Bridge.

We look up the Gauley River to a rail bridge.

US 60 parallels the Kanawha River.

US 60 in Boomer. Remember Here's Boomer, a TV show about a dog? According to Wikipedia, Here's Boomer was set in Kentucky, but I don't remember Kentucky ever being mentioned on the show.

US 60 at the unusual WV 61 exit.

I know I've mentioned the Adm. T.J. Lopez Bridge before, but I might not have it from this perspective. This span over the Kanawha River is a connector from US 60 to the West Virginia Turnpike (I-64/77).

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